Green Train Offers Three Tips to Green Your Friends

Virginia Beach , Virginia (PressExposure) October 15, 2009 -- Green Train Project founder Bob Wolf understands that not everyone knows how to incorporate eco-friendly living in their lives. With all the information out there, it's hard to know where and how to begin. However, word of mouth has, and always will be, the best form of information transference.

Your eco-conscious roommate has reformed your wasteful ways, and now you're doing your part to conserve natural resources. So, how do you inspire your friends to live more environmentally friendly, without seeming too overbearing and borderline obsessive? Here are a few ways to get your friends on the green side without them knowing it.

Give your friends the green gift that keeps on the environment. A stainless steel water bottle is all the rage right now. These come in myriad different colors and sizes and are sturdy enough to last virtually forever. The bonus? They're not bad looking either, so even the most fashion forward of your clique will not mind toting them around campus. Reusable water bottles save room in the fridge and cut back on the trash that accumulates and the money you spend. Don't worry--with the money everyone saves on bottled water, I'm sure they will find some way to repay you.

Charge admission at your next party...plastic or aluminum accepted. Whether you are hosting the season's first mixer, Pay-Per-View fight, or Sex and The City marathon, feel free to charge your guests general admission. Instead of cash, ask them to bring recyclable bottles and cans. College students have plenty of these items and will be more than willing to unload them on you. If you are not worried about turning in the bottles and cans yourself for the extra money, many animal shelters will take them as a donation. They will turn the recyclables in and use the extra green to help fund the animals' care costs.

Organize a group shopping your dorm room. Instead of dropping a few hundred on new duds you will only toss next semester, invite a bunch of friends over for a swap meet. Have everyone bring some clothes in decent condition they no longer want. Make a playlist, mingle, and let the bartering begin! Just think of how many hoodies and ripped jeans get thrown away ever year. Everyone will walk away with some new outfits and money still in their pockets.

About Green Train Project

The Green Train Project, the four-year vision of Bob Wolf, started in 2005, will educate the public and enlist global support to help reverse the continued waste and destruction of our planet. Scheduled to depart from Portland in April 2010, The Green Train, a solar-powered, biodiesel machine, will pass through every geographic region in the USA during a 10-week, 28-state whistle stop tour finishing in Washington, D.C. The Green Train is planning a trek in Europe in 2011 and a simultaneous train ride on each continent of the world each year after that. As The Green Train holds informational festivals and whistle stops throughout the nation, the public can meet the train in small town America, as well as the larger cities, to learn more and become involved. The messages on which Wolf’s project focuses are:

• Everyone can make a positive difference to the future of the earth
• Being green is simple and saves money.

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