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Bellevue, Washington (PressExposure) January 25, 2008 -- Kiloboat has released eTalkUp, an innovative Windows application that lets you interact with the people who visit your web site. By chatting with them using VoIP or text, answering their questions, and telling them about your products' features and benefits, you can increase customer satisfaction and sales.

eTalkUp places an icon, a fixed panel, or floating panel onto selected pages of your web site. These panels tell your web site visitors that there is a customer support person who is available to answer questions, describe options, and help ensure that the customer finds the right product or service. Customers can start the conversation with a single click.

Customer service representatives use eTalkUp to send text messages back and forth to shoppers, in real time. Your support people also can display images or send voice messages to your web site visitors. The support person can set up two-way voice contact with the customer. The customer can install a javascript program that enables the free VoIP function, and the support person and customer can talk as if they were on the telephone. If the customer needs to talk with a specialist or with a manager, it's easy for your support person to contact other company employees, and invite them to help your shopper.

With eTalkUp, your support people will be able to see each visitor's IP address, city and state, chat history, and their history of visits to your web site. By tracking which web page they visited initially, you'll know if they're responding to a special offer or advertisement. All of this customer relationship management (CRM) information is also available in a library of reports that tell you how prospects use your web site, what they buy, and how effective your chats are in closing sales.

Most consumer web sites try to explain why prospects should buy their products. With eTalkUp, you can engage in real-time discussions about product options. You can answer questions, help prospects find things on your web pages, tell them about special offers, assist them with product coupons, and encourage them to make purchases.

Whether you're an online store manager who wants to provide personalized support for shoppers, a service provider who wants to deliver real-time voice support without providing expensive toll-free phone numbers, or a start-up company that wants to get feedback from real customers about their needs, eTalkUp has the tools that you need. Today, when customers can't find answers on your web site, they leave your web site and visit your competitors' sites. With eTalkUp, customers with questions will chat with your customer support representatives. Customers get answers, and you get sales.

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