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Bowie, MD (PressExposure) January 09, 2009 -- A new video from hospice specialist Janice Ervin reveals how those suffering from grief can avoid the negative health consequences that often accompany their loss. The 8-minute educational video is targeted toward individuals suffering the effects of grief, following the death of a loved one. The video is free and immediately available at: []

According to Ms. Ervin, the video provides an explanation for these physical symptoms of grief, and this awareness allows us to take necessary measures towards greater wellness, and experience a sense of relief through better understanding.

"'Grief is impossible to describe to someone who hasnt been there… and those who have, often wish they didnt understand. Of course, at some point in our lives most of us will be faced with the grief of losing someone we love. This video shares how that special sorrow makes itself known in our body, and it offers simple, natural solutions to relieve these psychical effects." – Janice Ervin Janices personal interest, research and volunteer efforts lead to intimate conversations with bereaved individuals. One coincidence to which she became increasingly sensitive was the host of physical ailments brought to light during this distressing period. Complaints survivors share include tightness in the chest, muscle pains, changes in diet and weight fluctuations, nausea, headaches and sleep disturbances in addition to an enhanced level of aggravating illnesses such as colds, flu and viruses.

Concern and a desire to learn of possible holistic counter defenses, led Janice to investigate the course of events taking place within the physical body during such emotional upheaval. Her findings include multiple prior studies conducted, which link a decreased health level to the bereavement process. The primary culprit is identified as a heightened, perpetual level of stress. Additional exploration led her to studies which warn that the incessant cycle of grief, combined with the far-reaching physical manifestations can result in debilitating – even deadly consequences.

Interestingly, she found that the consistent practice of 6 simple holistic counter measures has the ability to send a cease fire signal to the brain, successfully halting the devastating internal chain of events. 1.) Drink LOTS of water – During any stressful situation, toxins, cortisol, adrenaline, norpenepherine and bad fats are released into the bloodstream, triggering a negative corporeal spiral. Drinking water flushes these toxins from your system. 2.)Replenish 2 significantly depleted minerals: Calcium and Magnesium 3.) Rest, Meditate, Apply Mental Focus on Breath Work How? 'Belly breathing'. Simply sit still for 5 – 10 minutes, several times per day, while listening to relaxing music or the sounds of nature and focusing on taking long slow relaxed deep breaths. 4.) Tense and Release the larger muscle groups within the body. A symptom which causes great discomfort is the increased muscle tension in the arms, legs, back, shoulders and neck.Plus, clenching the jaw muscle can result in face pain, headaches, and even a ringing of the ears. By systematically tightening and releasing groups of muscles, you mechanically "pump" blood and toxins from them.

5.)Weep.Bereavement is an internal process, while mourning is the outward expression. A natural and necessary action which combines these two facets is found in giving oneself permission to cry. 6.) Be gentle with yourself during this time.Minimize your stress by declining attendance to undesirable social functions; instead, share your precious energy and time among those with whom you feel comforted, loved and safe.

Learn More Should you wish to learn more regarding the physical implications during the process of grief, please call (202) 415-0913 or visit Janice Ervin’s website: Her office is located outside Annapolis, in Bowie Maryland and her mailing address is PO Box #0817, Bowie, MD 20718.

About Janice Ervin With a belief that service is the highest calling, Janice assists a wide range of non-profit groups in the Washington DC-area. She currently represents Hospice of the Chesapeake in Maryland as an end-of-life care and vigil service volunteer, and wishes to promulgate individual healing by motivating a shift towards a perspective rooted in compassion. She believes that in doing so, positive global change can occur.

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She currently represents Hospice of the Chesapeake in Maryland as an end-of-life care and vigil service volunteer, and wishes to promulgate individual healing by motivating a shift towards a perspective

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