Ground Force Drifter - The New Go Kart From Razor

Perth, Australia (PressExposure) April 15, 2011 -- Ground Force Drifter The New Go Kart From Razor

Razor is now an everyday brand name as far as outdoor children's amusement is concerned.

Founded in 2000 in California they celebrated 10 years in the toy industry at the American International Toy Fair.

"We are thrilled to mark 10 years of success as a leader in the toy industry, delivering award-winning products that kids and parents really love," said Razor President, Carlton Calvin. "I am proud of the company we've assembled, and I credit our 82 stellar employees that make it happen again and again. "

Razor have obtained numerous awards for their innovative products.

Among them:

Toy Industry Association's "Toy of the Year,"

Several of their favored products have been the Dune Buggy ,Pocket Mod , Pocket Rocket and the Ground Force Kart.

Now the all new ground force drifter has arrived in the arena.

Razor is famous for refreshing typical rides and bringing a new peculiarity to them. Go karts have been round for decades and the new Ground Force Drifter has restored the fun back to neighborhoods across the country.

The ground force drifter was among those to receive an award at the National Parenting Publication Awards "This year's winners reflect the infusion of new technologies . . . [that] expose children to new worlds of innovation, exploration and fun. " Barbara Smith Decker, NAPPA Manager.

Based on typical go kart lines this kart highlights a race tuned chassis sturdily constructed of steel. The front wheels are made of aluminium with hard rubber tires. The rear tires are extra slick to enable the drifting aspect of the go kart. This drifting feature is what the kids like and places the kart aside from others. this is why it is so favored with any children that have a spin in it.

Kids love the sliding and drifting feeling and being able to do 360sBeing able to do 360s and drift and slide around bends is great amusement for the kids.

The kart has a highest speed of 12mph which is ample to give the children the exhilaration of speed without being riskily fast. The thumb operated throttle and hand operated back wheel brake gives them complete command of the kart.

The kart is designed for kids from the age of 8 years and up until they reach 140 lbs. Having said this youngsters all develop differently and some children at a much younger age could effortlessly use the go kart. The go kart is made with youngsters from the age of 8 years up until they are 140 lbs. in mind. The starting age is just an estimation because some kids develop skills sooner than others and could use the go kart with no problems at all when they are a lot younger than this. The go kart comes complete with a shoulder harness and flag for safety.

The kart requires some straightforward assembly after purchase.

Razor is famous for creating toys that get youngsters out of doors and having fantastic amusement, just like always used to happen. The ground force drifter is no exception to this. Apart from loving out-of-doors fun the children are also gathering valuable education.

Skills learnt while learning to drive the go kart will be particularly useful later in life when they begin to drive any sort of motor vehicle. In addition to this there are new life lessons like building confidence, awareness of their surroundings and rapid response to emerging conditions being learnt.

Kids are really loving the Ground Force Drifter Kart and it is quite comprehensible why. It is a good addition to Razor's already awesome variety of outdoor toys.

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