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Phoenix, AZ (PressExposure) August 26, 2009 -- Sarah Skovlund is working with the Namaste Consulting Group to create and run the Growing Tomatoes 365 Blog. When the planting season is in full swing, there is nothing people love more than planting a new crop of tomatoes. Tomatoes are the most commonly grown vegetable in the States. While technically a fruit, most individuals think of tomatoes as an essential part of any vegetable garden. Hardly anybody can resist the delicious taste of a tomato picked fresh from the vine. Find the blog here: []

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Ms. Skovlund says, "It's funny to imagine that the Europeans who found the tomato considered it poisonous and it was not consumed on the Continent until a century after it's introduction there! Nowadays, when you pick it off the vine and put it in your mouth, what you get is that essence of summer and growing. You summer, you taste the earth."

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Sarah Skovlund says, “There is nothing similar to the taste of home grown, vine ripe tomatoes. Ever since I was a little girl I grew my own tomatoes. I can remember running out into my garden and picking nice vine ripe tomatoes to bring in to my mother. Of course back then we didn’t use pesticides so it was fine to eat them like that. I can afford pesticides today but I prefer not to use them so I still enjoy eating a tomato or two while picking them in my garden.”

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Sarah Skovlund says, "There is nothing similar to the taste of home grown, vine ripe tomatoes.

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