HAGA Releases Video Series "Storing Heirloom Seeds"

Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) November 21, 2013 -- Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently released a video series on YouTube titled "Storing Heirloom Seeds" to give consumers valuable information on how to properly store heirloom seeds for future use or as a survival seed bank.

Quite recently, farmers and gardeners have been using a new gardening method - heirloom seeds. Also known as survival or emergency seeds, heirloom seeds are often included in disaster and emergency stockpiles. These seeds have been carefully chosen from the best of every year's crop and are not genetically modified. Heirloom seeds that are produced by heirloom vegetables will produce vegetables of the same quality. This kind of seeds is the best recommended seeds for survival gardens. HAGA decided to post valuable information of interest to organic gardeners and survivalists, who want to adopt this new gardening method, through their video series.

"It's critical that people know how to properly store their heirloom seeds so that they insure the maximum germination rate when they are ready to use them. One mistake is allowing moisture to be absorbed by the seeds which will cause them to crack when frozen. You don't want to be counting on a survival garden only to find that your seeds aren't any good when you need them." says Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Charles C Harmon Co LLC.

Heirloom seeds are not chemically or genetically modified and are exposed to open and natural pollination. These seeds guarantee that the same kind of produce will be yielded each year. Heirloom seeds are also recognized to produce fruits and vegetables with better flavor. Storing heirloom seeds is quite simple. The seeds should be stored in a dark, cool and dry area. These seeds last longer when the storage place is cooler, dryer and darker. When kept inside containers, the containers must be moisture-proof. To store seeds for over ten years, they can be sun-dried or a food dehydrator can be used to take them to 8 percent moisture content or less. Including heirloom seeds in disaster preparedness plans takes one's preparedness to another level. Having such seeds in the stockpile means one is preparing for long-term survival.

Being emergency prepared isn't just about thinking of the immediate future, but preparing for long-term survival as well. However, an emergency or survival garden will depend on the quality of seeds planted. HAGA's "Storing Heirloom Seeds" video series will help everyone know how to properly store heirloom seeds as a survival seed bank or for future use. Survivalists and home gardeners who want to live a healthier lifestyle by growing their own heirloom seeds will learn a lot of things from these videos. The company also offers 100% organic, open pollinated heirloom vegetable seeds that are perfect for health food enthusiasts and survival gardeners.

Home and Garden America is located in Incline Village, Nevada.

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