HGH Benefits and Side Effects

Albany, NY (PressExposure) May 03, 2009 -- The HGH [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] or the Human Growth Hormone [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] replacement therapy is a most popular conversation topic these days as more people begin to learn of its benefits to arrest or delay the aging process, or to correct HGH deficiencies suffered by some unlucky children who have stunted growth.

The HGH, a hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland in the brain is primarily responsible for the growth of all body cells.

Medical researchers so far claim that this hormone actually works as an anti aging factor in our body metabolism, as long as its natural production by the pituitary gland continues.

Reduction of HGH in the body however takes place as we advance in age and this is the time that the aging process starts.

This is where the recent discoveries of the HGH supplements [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] and stimulants have come as a way to maintain the HGH levels in one’s body to prevent the occurrence of the adverse effects of aging.

Whether this kind of hormone replacement therapy would prove to be beneficial in the long run is still the subject of many questions and doubts especially because the non-natural HGH substances have caused some side effects.

The controversies now with regard to how effective are the HGH [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] therapies now used by some people have come about because the ensuing results from them seem to be mixed – some claim they are beneficial but others say they are not. Perhaps it depends on the kind and brand of the HGH supplements that are used.

Many of these are now in the market owing to the huge sales generated maybe because by nature man wants to avoid looking aged, or even to recover his youthful looks in his younger days.

It will take more objective research on the results of the use of HGH [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] before the controversies will see some resolution. In the meantime, the question lingers on whether GHG is really good for us or not.

Some doctors claim in medical journals that they have observed significant changes in the process of aging in their patients who have received HGH therapy in the past ten to twenty years.

They say that the HGH insertion on those patients has improved their sexual performance, and has enhanced the functioning of their immune systems.

Aging signs such as wrinkles of the skin are also removed, as well the removal of fat and that the ensuing restoration of lean muscles follow thereafter.

However, doubters say that these experiments have been done only on a few patients. Maybe this is not enough to convince the majority on the beneficial effects of HGH [http://www.hghzonecenter.com] use.

A bigger sample of users perhaps will be a solution to the controversy.

The doubters on the use of HGH say that an overuse of the hormone will likely have an adverse effect on the human body. Even some doctors say that a danger of HGH overuse is that one’s pituitary glands will atrophy.

These may be just theories so far until more scientific research can confirm or deny this. Only then will questions on whether HGH is good for people or not will have been answered satisfactorily.

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For more info visit [http://www.hghzonecenter.com]

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