Halal Baby Food

Marrakech, Monaco (PressExposure) January 09, 2012 -- Today the small pots, powders and purees vegetables, meats, fruits are a must. Safe, easy to prepare, they seem to be the ideal solution for feeding the baby! Halal baby food is the first global specialist in the manufacture of halal baby food with a range of more than 50 references.

Vitameal, a new halal feeding products for babies

The upcoming of halal food products specially made for babies has been welcomed with great enthusiasm.

Halal is an arabe term used to designate food seen as "permissible" according to the islamic religion. To be considered as halal, the animal from where the meat is coming has to be slaughter in the name of Allah and according to the islamic law. In France, the food industry and distributors have adapted their products and started providing halal products. Still new, the baby food jars, have been introduced to the market to meet the high demand of young Muslims parents. Why feeding your baby halal products?

Red meat and poultry are rich with iron and protein, essential for the health and growth of your baby. Young Muslim parents that cannot find halal products have the tendency to base their babies' food habit on vegetables and fish. This kid of feeding presents a lack in iron and protein causing some deficiency for your baby during his or her growing process.

It is as important for small children to eat fruit every day as it is for adults.

VITAMEAL BABY & PHARMAMEAL BABY offer a range of small pots of fruit with no added sugar.

Start with meats that are light and easily digested: Chicken or Turkey, Steak or Beef, Veal scallops

Meat, at the heart of the baby's meal, will supply him or her with iron, zinc and Group B vitamins.

Fish, at the heart of the baby's meal, will supply him or her with selenium, iodine, fluoride and omega 3. Start with white fish that do not have too strong flavour (lemon sole, sole, hake, cod) according to baby's taste. You can also try salmon.

The proteins contained in the meat and fish are vital for a balanced diet and a baby's well growth.

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