Harbor Crest Now Offering the Gift of Health Gift Certificates!

Pomona, New York (PressExposure) September 19, 2012 -- At the request of our clients Harbor Crest Counseling is now offering Gift Certificates for hypnosis. With all the stresses and challenges today some people resort to smoking or overeating to "help them through". Rather than giving them a piece of jewelery,a gift certificate to a restaurant someone can give a gift or health; a gift that can change their lives and help them become healthier and happier.

What hypnosis does allow is for those things we go through under hypnosis, that are okay with both our conscious and subconscious, to be more automatic and easier when conscious. For example, if someone suffers from anxiety a gesture such as making a circle with their finger and thumb while relaxed under hypnosis is done and repeated. Later, perhaps days or weeks later, they may feel anxious and find that when they put their finger and thumb together they relax. We are in a kind of hypnosis when we get involved in a book or movie and afterward need to reorient ourselves to being in the room.

There are a number of hypnotists and hypnotherapists available. As hypnosis is not licensed, a prospective client should check their education and experience. At the least we recommend that the practicioner have at least a Masters in Psychology or clinical social work.

Whether it be hypnosis or a gift certificate for a gym or another health oriented gift investing in the health of someone you care about is a gift that keeps on giving. It can make a great positive impact on someone's life.

At Harbor Crest Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss, the Clean Break Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program and Clinical Hypnosis are among the services offered for children, adolescents and adults.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis or Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis (as it has sometimes been referred to) helps the client to feel as if they have had their stomach made smaller, the size of a golf ball. The client is also provided with tools to help remain motivated and behavioral changes that they make to ensure success such as the eating slower discussed before and others. He or she becomes aware of subconscious obstacles that have been there such as feeling he or she had to clean their plate due to hunger in the world when the portion was large. There are choices now. One can choose to not eat if they are not hungry or if they are sad or angry. There are other choices and ways to feel better. Clients are helped to develop other tools and strategies. Our Stop Smoking services also provide the tools to help clients to succeed and overcome obstacles that may have been problems in the past. We help the client to succeed and become healthier and happier.

Services are provided by a licensed and highly experienced therapist and hypnotherapist with dual Master's degrees in Psychology and Clinical Social Work, as well as multiple certifications. Appointments can be made for clients coming to our Rockland County office, or for telephone or Skype for those clients internationally or elsewhere in the United States.

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