Harlequins Enigma Toss Their Wizard Robes With The Release Of Dance Album

Astoria, New York (PressExposure) July 04, 2011 -- Harlequins Enigma Toss Their Wizard Robes with the release of dance album Octagon Volume 2 -- Night Pulse and the silhouette of Dr. Voodoo - out on CDBaby now. they lent a helping hand with mastering from pro studios & are happy with the productions. Guest starring artists on Octagon Version 2 is: Jean Michel Jarre, DJ Tiesto, Emma Watson, Katie Leung, Sara Jensen, Ståle Riisnes, Jan reidar riisnes, svein tore hindenes & elin berge. full track index will be put up on our homepage asap.

The full distribution package means the album will pop up in most major mp3 stores in a few days to a few weeks, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster and iHeart Radio. harlequins enigma dream of getting some of their material all the way to Billboard and hope the dance scene will welcome them. While we're at it: Octagon Volume 3 might just turn out to be the hip hop CD. Coming soon!

note that the cd version due for arrivial in near future @ cdbaby.com has enhanced audio quality compared to the mp3 files.

Album link: [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/harlequinsenigma4]

harlequins enigma is a band from Bergen in west Norway by the coast. They have mainly been focusing on new age music to current date - with the release of Octagon Volume 2 - due in a few days, they toss their wizard robes and step onto the dance floor - their greatest wish is to reach billboard with some of their material.

cd index:

Harlequins enigma - Octagon volume 2 - night pulse & the silhouette of dr. voodoo - cd index

harlequins enigma - 01 - tear feat. emma watson & katie leung

harlequins enigma - 02 - skyscraper dancefloor 3 - laser jungle

harlequins enigma - 03 - skyscraper dancefloor 11 - quack love

harlequins enigma - 04 - to audio feat. Ståle riisnes, emma watson & katie leung

harlequins enigma - 05 - sy po

harlequins enigma - 06 - h-e-x feat. Jean michel jarre

harlequins enigma - 07 - skyscraper dancefloor 7 - inside outside feat. Sara jensen

harlequins enigma - 08 - scintilla sparkles

harlequins enigma - 09 - fridays

harlequins enigma - 10 - skyscraper dancefloor 5 - visione la romanza

harlequins enigma - 11 - frog princess

harlequins engima - 01 - council of the wayward youth

harlequins engima - 02 - rally feat. Jean michel jarre

harlequins engima - 03 - rollercoaster feat. Dj tiesto

harlequins engima - 04 - transcending conflicts feat. Jean michel jarre

harlequins engima - 05 - posse

harlequins engima - 06 - skyscraper dancefloor 6 - neverending magic

harlequins engima - 07 - ethereal crow flight part 2 feat. Elin berge

harlequins engima - 08 - anargy

harlequins engima - 09 - troya kronos

harlequins engima - 10 - toy orchestra - objective dance

harlequins engima - 11 - ethereal crow flight part 1

harlequins enigma - 01 - skyscraper dancefloor 2 - dancefloor in motion

harlequins enigma - 02 - pulsating frames of emotion

harlequins enigma - 03 - ophidian series - i seek you feat. Elin berge

harlequins enigma - 04 - say yes feat. Katie leung

harlequins enigma - 05 - viva city feat. Jan Reidar riisnes

harlequins enigma - 06 - sweet dance feat. sara jensen

harlequins enigma - 07 - time dance feat. Ståle riisnes

harlequins enigma - 08 - harlequins dances new dance feat. Elin berge

harlequins enigma - 09 - airplane feat. elin berge

harlequins enigma - 10 - strange noises of dance feat. S. Rissnes, e. Berge, s. Jensen & s.t. hindenes

harlequins enigma - 11 - ophidian series - romancing the wave

notes from harlequins enigma owner, åge riisnes around the new triple dance album: octagon volume 2 - night pulse & the silhouette of dr. voodoo

"i drew much inspiration from early 80s/90s+ hits in my heart & had a nice period in 2009 where many of the "skyscrapers" came to life. a romance had much to do with parts of it. in my early ophidian period, i was influenced by a vast number of artists. including amiga artists atjazz, øistein j. eide - boom jinx, jesper kyd, bjørn lynne & others - in addition i had a nice collection of audio cd`s like jean michel jarre - chronologie, vangelis - blade runner, pink floyd - the wall, limp bizkit, korn, p.o.d., yello, tons of the best billboard music & classical pieces from beethoven, grieg, wagner & others. they were all part of my root elements. i also had an early heavy metal period with favourites at the time: metallica, motley crue, ratt, whitesnake, rainbow, king diamond, the clash & more + i grew fond of kenji kawai`s ghost in the shell soundtrack among others as my roots were made from early 1990`s to the next millenium. night pulse & the silhouette of dr. voodoo is based much upon heartbeat b.p.m. - but much of it drew juice from manga metal etc, shaped as cd 2 in the collection."

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harlequins Enigma Toss Their Wizard Robes With The Release Of Dance Album

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