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North Royalton, Ohio (PressExposure) July 06, 2011 -- Business Intelligence Software Development Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) used for creating data analysis and comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions. The core foundation of this studio is based on the Microsoft Visual Studio environment but is flexible enough to be customized with the SQL Server services. At Aegis Software, we use business intelligence development studio as the primary environment to develop solutions encompassing analysis services, reporting services and projects and integration services.

- Accessibility in Business Intelligence Development Studio

The studio offers accessibility features to help users navigate and view the user interface of the studio environment, business intelligence software projects and the objects available.

1. Accessibility Features of Business Intelligence

• Business Intelligence Development Studio keyboard shortcuts are perfect for navigating and working through different projects and solutions.

• It provides developers with the functionality of customizing keyboard layouts, deciding font color and size and switching on high contrast mode through the options in the Visual Studio.

• It also offers support for the active accessibility interface.

2. Accessibility Features of Analysis Services

• The mining model viewer can be customized through the usage of different tools such as cluster viewer, decision tree viewer, dependency network viewer, mining viewer and mining viewer series colors.

• The keyboard navigation can be enabled through the usage of the standard keyboard shortcuts that is available for Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Windows.

3. Accessibility Features of Integration Services

• Integration services make the application accessible to users who may have difficulty viewing, low vision or other disabilities.

• Text labels can be added to precedence constraints through the SSIS Designer where these constraints are showcased through green, red or yellow color.

• There are certain features within the Integration Services that use color-coding to indicate a certain status within the user interface.

• Within the integration services, it is also possible to add text labels or annotations to a particular package.

4. Accessibility Features of Reporting Services

• This particular functionality offers features for users possessing low dexterity through customized report design and keyboard navigation.

• The customized report design helps the user decide in the manner in which the report would appear in the Design view that would make it easier to read.

• The standard keyboard shortcuts can be activated to navigate through the keyboard.

- Analysis Services in Business Intelligence Development

Analysis Services helps Business Intelligence Software Development by creating online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes and data mining models in SQL Server. The various analysis service components include:

1. Analysis Service Solutions Explorer

• Data Source depicts a connection, which can be fragmented among OLAP cubes and different data mining models within a project.

• Data Source Views display a subset of the data and is also known to contain named calculations and queries.

• Cubes depict a series of measures that are collated into measure groups and organized in dimensions.

• Dimensions are needed to arrange data within cubes and it typically uses a mix of different attributes.

• Mining structures help illustrate the data domain through which mining models are developed.

• Roles play a vital role in Analysis Services as it helps to manage and control security for OLAP and Data Mining.

2. Analysis Services Designers

• The data source view designer offers a base where users can add and delete objects, assign primary columns, illustrate relationships between tables etc.

• The cube designer helps in configuring the cube and the objects found within the cube.

• The dimension designer helps defining and dimension and the objects within it while the data mining designer helps in creating, discovering and working with different data mining models.

- Integration Services in Business Intelligence Software Development

The integration service package offers is enriched with more features within the Business Intelligence Software Development Studio and each of the components contain more characteristics.

1. Solution Explorer

• This contains the data source folder that depicts a connection, which can be shared among multiple packages and data source view folder that offers a subset of the data.

• The SSIS Package presents a combination of connections, data flow elements, control flow elements and other objects.

2. SSIS Designer

• This graphical tool offers a control flow tab that enables users to manage and arrange the tasks.

• The data flow tab component helps combining and offering data flow sources while event handlers tab establishes work flows.

• The progress tab depicts information about the package execution while the connection manager area helps in condensing connections to a data source.

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