Have You Heard Of Pave Diamond Rings? If Not, You May Onsider These Unique Engagement Rings As Your Next Choice For Your Wedding Plans

New York, NY (PressExposure) February 21, 2011 -- If you are one of the thousands persons who are looking for distinctive and unique engagement rings, the following should catch your interest and attention.

Recently, micro pavé diamonds have become particularly popular amongst consumers who are looking for unique engagement and anniversary rings. Their appearance is something never before seen in the jewelry industry. But do you actually know what does Pavé mean?

Pavé is a French term that refers to a "cover", and in terms of jewelry, this means that diamonds cover the entire ring's surface. In the past, pavé meant that a jewel, in this case a ring, was entirely covered with diamonds. Today, a pavé ring could be a ring with a single row pavé diamond setting, with many rows of pavé diamonds, or just one pavé diamond.

While a micro pavé diamond ring is quite an exquisite, refined and unique engagement ring it has a common problem that the new owner will, sooner or later, have to deal with. In most cases, the new owner will request the jeweler to adjust the original ring's size to the new owner finger's size. By doing so, the customer will affect the jewel's design to such a level that now it will continuously experience problems. The reason is that by adjusting the ring and thus making a cut in the ring itself, the tiny little "teeth" that hold the diamonds against the ring will loose grip thus making the diamonds a bit loose and therefore, susceptible to fall off again and again.

Normally this problem will not arise when you reduce the ring's size 1x or less; however, when the ring is reduced two or more (2x) sizes, this problem could become a nightmare indeed.

To prevent this situation, we like to suggest to course of action:

The first is to request the creation of a new ring if the new size is bigger than 2x its original size. You should ask the jeweler who made the ring to adjust the ring to your finger's size first and then continue to adjust the diamonds' setting, and not vice versa.

The second way to avoid these problems with this type of rings is to replace all the ring's "teeth" with new ones. Naturally, this should only be done if the ring had been seriously adjusted. In this case, you should know that this procedure can only be done with a laser welder and not with a traditional welder because the flames are not precise enough to carry out the work without flaws.

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