"Have You Seen Your Parent Today?" Campaign Urgent Call to All Media & School Personnel

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Barbara Rose, Ph.D. awoke from a dream with a strong message to create a national awareness and educational campaign for all media and school personnel geared towards children and teens who have been missing or kidnapped.

The name of this campaign is, "Have You Seen Your Parent Today?" When asked about the particulars of what this campaign would entail, Rose said, "I feel that this can be as powerful as the current "Say No to Drugs" campaigns in schools, and I am positive it can reunite missing or kidnapped children with their natural parents. In a nutshell, students of all ages can receive information with simple facts about other missing children.

Example: Have You Seen Your Parent Today?

• Have you ever been told that either of your parents is dead?

• Have you not seen or spoken to one of your parents for more than a week?

• Were you ever threatened that if you tell anyone about your situation that you or your family would be killed?

• Have you been prevented from using a telephone?

• Have you been prevented from speaking to any of your relatives?

• Do you feel afraid that if you say something you will be hurt?

• Have you been kept away from your family and old friends?

• Have you been isolated, and forced to be alone?

• Do you ever miss your Mom or Dad, but are not sure what to do?


If any of the above applies to you, please go to the school office immediately, and let the Principal know. If you are not in school, please call 911, or tell your neighbor. You will be safe and protected!

When asked about her experience in creating this, Rose said, "I have personally spoken with parents when I was involved with child legislation whose children were missing. Many of them were kidnapped by the other parent. Additionally, I have heard far too many stories of children and teens who have been kidnapped, threatened, and are afraid to come forward to be reunited with their natural parents.

Children are scared when they are threatened. Many who are told that their parents are dead or are threatened with being killed if they "tell anyone" do not currently have a safe and trusted support system to turn to. They are not aware because this is not currently taught in schools, along with being spread all over the internet, Public Service Announcements on TV, Radio, magazines where the child can call 911, tell a neighbor, however they can go from being missing to being found.

There must be awareness about this geared towards all children at an age appropriate level. I am simply asking all media and school personnel as well as anyone who is interested in spreading this to spread this campaign in their own way so it reaches all minor children."

When asked if she ever experienced anything like this, Rose replied, "Unfortunately, I have. Over a decade ago during an unwarranted child custody suit when my former husband literally disappeared with my children for over a week. I was searching with police non-stop and felt more emotional agony than I can describe. Then during the custody situation, he used to un-plug my children's telephone line so they would not have contact with me. After ten weeks, I called the police and asked them to please escort me to his home, just so I could see my children. It was a nightmare, but my story pales in comparison to other parents whose children have been missing and they have not seen or spoken to them.

I recently heard of a story of a boy who was kidnapped and just found. He was told his mother was dead, along with being threatened that if he told anyone about his situation, he would be killed. My heart just broke for that boy and his parents.

It was during my sleep, that I had a strong dream that was more like a message, to create "Have You Seen Your Parent Today?" and make it a national, free campaign to reach the kids who are missing and let them know that they can come forward and be safe.

What matters to me most is that children are reunited with their parents if they have been kidnapped or told either of their parents is dead. It’s all about helping the children, and I feel this can solve a lot of missing children mysteries, and end the torturous heartache the parents of those children are going through. I just want to help make a difference. Even if just one child is reunited with his or her parents, that in and of itself would feel like a miracle to me."

Rose asks for the support of all media and school personnel to create this awareness campaign to reach missing children and teens so they can be reunited with their parents.

Rose asks for the support of all media and school personnel to create this awareness campaign to reach missing children and teens so they can be reunited with their parents.

A simple Word Doc flyer can be downloaded from Rose’s website at this link:


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