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Does healing happen today? Why is there prejudice against the healing ministry? Why are some people not healed? These topical and vital questions are just some of the issues addressed by Francis MacNutt in Healing. A wide-ranging and broad-based overview, it is essential reading for all involved in the healing ministry. 'Prayer for healing is so central to the gospel,' writes MacNutt, 'that it should be an integral part of the life of every community of believers. My heart cries out to see it restored to the place it had in the early Christian church.'


A classic and foundational book on healing, it offers a comprehensive look into the history and effects of worldviews on healing ! I received practical insights into how to pray for the sick.' -- John Wimber

Real world, down-to-earth, in a realm too often seen as fantasy or historical, is how MacNutt approaches the healing work of a loving God. Scripturally supported throughout, this is an explanation of Christian healing, a straight-forward 'how-to' erasing much of the mystery many Christians and skeptics have surrounding the healing Jesus called His disciples to offer the broken. It powerfully affirms the healing work of Jesus, alive and occurring daily, even now. He provides practical answers, numerous experiences of his and others' and, at the same time, demonstrates the humility of walk in admitting those things to which he still cannot offer clear and simple answers, things beyond his understanding. This is a handbook for healing ministers, a book of testimony to instill faith in the unhealed that they can be healed, and a treasure for the Christian Church. -- A Customer

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Francis MacNutt, an internationally respected authority on renewal and healing, and founding director of Christian Healing Ministries.

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