Health Coaching and Being a Health Coach is a Wave Of The Future

Cocoa, Florida (PressExposure) February 09, 2011 -- More and more health coaching along people becoming health coaches is being mentioned in the media and through out the US. According to Modern Medicine, Health coaching in a doctors office is "Good for your patients and your practice" And this is just a tip of the iceberg.

This is a growing industry "because people are just not getting well and experiencing true wellness anymore." According to Dr. Pete Weiss President of More Health Less Care, who was a Infectious Disease Specialist and former health insurance CEO. "Up to 80% of our nation's health costs are related to chronic conditions that have their origin in poor lifestyle behaviors I saw it all the time in my practice but even more when I was health insurance CEO, people are dying not just due to lack of health care but due to lack of care for themselves."

Health coaches help change that sad fact one person at a time. They help people find the best path for them to wellness and help them stay on that path through constant interaction.

Health coaches work with Doctor's and their patients and can also have their own private practices. There salaries are depending on the circumstances average $30,000-$50,000 according to

Who makes a good health coach?

While anyone can get certified through many of the different coaching universities out there and set up shop soon afterwards. There are a few classes of people that don't have to take too many steps to becoming a health coach.

Nurses, for instance, can make very good coaches. According to Dr. Pete, "Nurses make great coaches because they already for the most part care about their patients. I know one nurse that called her patients 'my kids'. It is this care that can make a great coach."

Other life coaches and executive coaches can also make good wellness coaches as well.

But what is most important is that they care according to Cliff Fontenot of the Anti Aging Source who himself experienced tragedy with the loss of friends and family because of their poor dietary choices. "It is this care that drives me to coach people through my website to help them live longer; when you really care for someone they can tell and are very appreciative, there is really nothing like helping someone be well."

Coach Linda Cobb co-founder of More Health Less Care (a website which features health coaches from all over the US prominently), who has also been a coach for over 20 years agrees. "What really matters is how much you truly feel compassion on the people that you are coaching; this is what makes effective coaching."

The reader is encouraged to look into health coaching if they feel the same.

About More Health Less Care

More Health Less Care is a group of Natural Health Professionals seeking to "Build America's Wellness System" by promoting natural health as the true means to getting people healthy and rely less on the sick care system that is now in place.

Check out More Health Less Care [] for more info on natural health and health coaching.

Also see our alliance member, Cliff Fontenot's site at Anti Aging Source for more information on Anti Aging naturally and an example on how to coach through a website.

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