Health Experts Announce Gluten Intolerance Solutions for Celiac Disease Patients

Barrie, ON Canada (PressExposure) April 10, 2011 -- Gluten intolerance is a major problem for many Americans, in particular those suffering from Celiac disease. The afflicted have an autoimmune condition that, when faced with gluten ingestion, causes the little hair-like projections that move food through the stomach to atrophy. When this happens, all sorts of unpleasant health complications arise such as the inability to absorb nutrients and even bleeding in some cases.

It is against this backdrop that the health writers of In Just 10 Pages have devoted their latest report that discusses the issues associated with gluten intolerance, and proposes several lifestyle changes in order to effectively deal with the debilitating aspects of celiac disease. They acknowledge that symptoms of gluten sensitivity can vary widely, manifesting itself as cramps, unexplained headaches, persistent fatigue and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). With that in mind, they present a holistic approach to controlling gluten intolerance and to round it out, include gluten free recipes for those with a culinary slant.

The ubiquity of gluten-free products, coupled with incessant marketing featuring such products are leading to conclusions in some circles that gluten-free is the new health trend, but in fact the truth is, like all health related matters, a bit more complicated than that. Thus, far from being a health fad, gluten-free living is more an absolute and immediate health necessity rather than a quest for a summer time beach body figure.

With an estimated two million afflicted with celiac disease, the urgency for understanding the condition and the development of an effective approach to manage life with celiac has become all the more profound. Of course, it all starts with proper diagnosis to determine if the effects of celiac like bleeding and the aforementioned atrophy of the villi in the gut has taken place. Individuals diagnosed with celiac disease have no option but to make the switch to eating a gluten-free diet. Those with gluten sensitivity may also benefit from gluten-free food consumption.

Fortunately, the food industry has taken on the challenge of producing gluten-free adaptations of their traditional ingredients, and these considerations are explained in great detail in the report developed by the health writers producing content for In Just 10 Pages. The fact that gluten-free flour is widely available today is great news for fans of baked goods which is traditionally rich in gluten. Even spaghetti comes in gluten-free versions today.

Finally, with respect to the term gluten-free, this does not necessarily mean that the food product is completely free of gluten. In the United States, this label may be used in food products with fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten. Food products originating from outside the United States may not adhere to that standard.

"Our objective with In Just 10 Pages is to deliver highly sought after information that can be easily understood by our readers. Our recently launched piece on gluten intolerance is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those afflicted with celiac disease and are consequently unable to consumer food products with gluten," explains Guy Gagnon of In Just 10 Pages.

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