Heard About the Atkins Diet? Jayne Ritchie of Bodychef Ontroduces the Home Delivered Atkins Diet!

Lowestoft, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 28, 2009 -- After several years of delivering weight loss success to women all the across the UK, Jayne Ritchie, Bodychef MD, has developed the Atkind plan, loosely based around the Atkins principles.

The Atkind diet plan is a month’s diet plan that rotates with 4 different phases over the 4 weeks, designed with limited Carb intake, introduced slowly and gradually, delivering optimum healthy weight loss. Jayne Ritchie believes that the Atkind plan will rapidly become the most popular diet plan out of the seven on offer.

The Atkind diet plan provides tasty homemade meals that are calorie controlled and adjusted to meet each individual’s requirements and likes and dislikes, proven to encourage weight loss by ensuring the dieters enjoy their food and more importantly, don’t feel hungry, with all the benefits of healthy weight loss.

Of course, one of the main problems with diets is sticking to them. Most people find it a real chore to not only hunt around the supermarket for the right produce, but to count the calories, prepare the food, cook it in the healthiest way possible and then measure the right portions.

That’s where the Bodychef has been helping people to lose weight for over seven years. Delivering home-made diets direct to the doors of its customers, the Bodychef has mastered the art of combining great taste with all the benefits of a healthy diet.

Many people might find themselves thinking of the well known and very controversial Atkins diet when they think of low carbohydrate diets. This diet became rather notorious when in advocating severe carbohydrate restrictions (between 10-20 grams per day); it also ended up restricting the intake of vital nutrients, making the followers often become very unwell. It wasn’t particularly good at keeping the weight off either- as soon as carbohydrates were reintroduced, ketosis (the process of burning fat for fuel) stopped, insulin was stimulated, and cravings for carbs come back with a vengeance! Often, you could find yourself gaining back all the weight lost on the Atkins diet shortly after stopping (if not more!). And if this wasn’t bad enough, the ketosis it induced also caused halitosis! Altogether not something we wanted to imitate to closely…

As such, the Bodychef’s low Carb plan is a much more moderate version of the Atkins diet, including 100- 150 grams of the best carbohydrates a day. The carbohydrate food group contains within it not only the famous ones: bread, pasta and potatoes, but also lots of other good ones, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy. So it’s important to eat some carbs to maintain a healthy diet. We’ve selected the best and left out the rest, making for a low Carb weight loss diet which contains all the vital nutrients you’ll need and falls within the nutritional guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.

If followed, people on the Atkind diet can lose up to a stone in the first month, seeing and feeling a noticeable difference.

For more information on a diet plan to suit you visit: http://www.bodychef.com , email Jayne or Holly at jayne@bodychef.co.uk or alternatively call 0800 783 7083

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