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Plainwell, Mi (PressExposure) April 17, 2012 -- At Perceptive Industries, we have helped many different companies improve their efficiency with energy through the installation of one of our waste heat recovery systems. In this blog, you can see a more specific look at one company we worked with, a snack food bakery.

Located in Plainwell, Michigan, we are Perceptive Industries. As our name implies, we are conscientious and aware, always perceiving what is needed in a given company to maximize and optimize energy usage for the least amount of money and input. Our waste heat recovery systems do this trick very efficiently. We serve our Michigan area in ways that increase environmental and economic wellbeing. When you have more efficient products and processes, you are able to sustain yourself much better, and you can spend more energy on improving and developing your products, because less time and money is spent on basic energy gathering and input.

We carry many different solutions for this optimization of your company's energy usage. Some of our most popular items are waste heat recovery systems. Our experience has allowed us to really get to know these machines and know how to help you choose the type that is best for you. There is an entire spectrum of heat recovery systems: recuperators; regenerators; thermal wheel or rotary heat exchanger; economizer; heat pumps; and run around coils. Our technicians and engineers have gone over these systems time and time again and can ensure that they will run flawlessly for your company, improving overall production.

Perceptive Industries has continually stayed attentive to new technologies in our field which helps us stay cutting edge and stay true to our foundations as, over 200 years ago. We take pride in our work and are always excited to share our results with you, to help your company grow and shed excess waste. We are also excited about helping out the environment, because fossil fuel use is not sustainable and will eventually run out. We need to be leaders in coming up with heat recycling systems and ways of gathering all of the energy we have. It's a great circle of production and energy that can be studied and applied, if only you allow us to try our hand at creating something great in your business, for you, for the environment, for our art as heat recovery system specialists, and for the entire world! This is Perceptive Industries, and this is what we are all about!

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