Heidi Wiegand Joins CarbonCopyPRO

West Bloomfield, MI (PressExposure) July 08, 2009 -- West Bloomfield, MI--Heidi Wiegand, a highly successful advertising sales executive for a major media group has joined internet marketing powerhouse CarbonCopyPRO, the organization that supports Wealth Masters International (WMI) financial consultants. "I wanted my own business for several reasons, I had been previously laid off twice from the automotive industry and working in the print media industry now offered no stability. Newspapers all over the country are going out of business and for those print media outlets staying in business, downsizing and layoffs are eminent." Wiegand said. "I watched my commission checks shrink and shrink until the commissions became unattainable because my monthly revenue goals were being raised by $30,000 and I was still expected to produce at 120% or my job was on the line."

CarbonCopyPRO was founded to automate the lead generation process for WMI consultants. The firm handles back office tasks thereby freeing the consultant to focus on other, higher value activities such as building relationships and closing sales. Increased workloads and shrinking paychecks are causing employees all over the world to rethink their careers--and their lifestyles. "I want to spend more time with my children, get out of debt and live my life on my terms without the corporate pressures to work harder for no money, and the stress of not knowing if I had a job tomorrow," Wiegand said. "Because of my desire, perseverance, dedication and motivation for success, I knew it was time for me to follow my dreams and start my own business because I never want to be in the position where someone else had my families livelihood in their hands.

Wiegand's goals are indicative of the new awakening that is sweeping working America. The threat of impending layoffs has caused many working men and women to not only question their jobs, but their careers and lifestyles as well. "My goal is to pay off debts, put money away for my children--a legacy-- live my life not worrying about when I will make goal and earn my next paycheck as well as my retirement," Wiegand explained. "I want my children to be able to go to camp without a scholarship. I want an income where I don't have to budget for six months to go on vacation or drive a car with 100,000 miles on it because I did not know whether I would make commissions. I want to book airline tickets for my family whenever I Want so I can visit anyone without having to worry if I can afford it."

About Heidi F Wiegand LLC

Heidi Wiegand is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Heidi and her team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed $250K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Heidi, visit: [http://www.heidiwiegand.com]

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