Hell on Church Street

Aberdeen, Washington (PressExposure) March 10, 2011 -- "Hell on Church Street" sure to hit the best sellers list! Dynamic, revealing, heart pounding.

Nearly beaten to death, months later his mother is shot to death, years of horrific abuse so awful that a polygraph test is administered to reveal the truth and the court record is ordered sealed! Year's later working as a Bounty Hunter and Strong Arm Collector he makes a decision so big that it changes his life forever!

Charles Dudrey takes you to the center of drama and violence as hell unfolds in his life as a young boy. You will feel like your right there as he is nearly beaten to death by the hands of his own father. In the back of an ambulance he is rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Barely clinging to stay alive, he has suffered severe head trauma and now the hope for his life looks grim.

Months later in the early morning hours of a cold November day his mother is murdered. She is shot to death in the kitchen of the family home with his father's handgun, leaving him with a despairing and uncertain future. The day after his mother's funeral his father stands in a court room waving a bible and pleading with the judge not to charge the man who had killed his mother.

During the next several years the writer endures hideous and unspeakable abuse by his father and a woman pretending to be his step mother. He lives in a state of constant horror and turmoil never knowing when his abusers will attack and strike, perhaps even killing him. It could come at any moment without warning. He is assaulted and beat unmercifully with broom handles, mops wringers, whipped with extension cords and beat repeatedly for years. In his mind he withdraws and dreams of a better life, clinging to hope that he will someday escape with his life. He is starved continually and denied any food to eat. When he complains of being hungry he is forced to eat food that is rotten or contaminated with bodily fluids. His abuser forcing his mouth open, digging her fingernails into his face forcing him to eat and drink. She is yelling and screaming at him in fits of uncontrollable rage accusing him of being ungrateful as spit flies off her lips hitting him in the face.

Then late one night in a dark cold house the author is awakened from his sleep to the voice of his abuser yelling and screaming for him to come to where she was. Scared and running as fast as he could not want to anger her any more, and not knowing what might be waiting for him. He finds her lying on the floor at the "Top of The stairs" doubled over in severe pain, in labor about to give birth. She is pleading with him, begging him to help her as she lays there helpless. This was the opportunity he had dreamed and longed of for years. Now is the time to make her suffer for all the pain and abuse, the unspeakable things she had inflicted on him and his brothers and sisters. No one would ever know that he killed her and he knew he would get away with it. Standing there for a moment the memories of this woman spitting in his face, choking him and looking into his eyes all the while reminding him how much she hated him. So now on this night standing at the top of the stairs he makes a decision that will pave the course of his future.

Years later working as a Bounty Hunter he has found a place where he is comfortable in life, a place that is familiar. The author feels right at home hunting down and arresting bail jumpers. Beating up people for hire has become an occupation. Using some of the same techniques and methods he learned growing up, fear, violence and intimidation. He feels at home working in the streets, dark alleys and night clubs. He has learned how to live and survive how to hustle and live in the fast lane. Then while on the run from the law to avoid another trip back to prison, something drastic happens, he has an encounter on a cold and rainy night that changed his life forever, he meets Jesus.

Look for the autobiography "Hell on Church Street"

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