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Hermitage, PA (PressExposure) December 01, 2010 -- Joree Williams has written a book that is a must, in society today, to read. 'Lost Childhood' has just been released by Publishing with Passion. It is in the hopes that some child or children somewhere will be helped that this book was written.

It is one to keep tissues handy for. "Lost Childhood' is a true and factual story.

Many of us have had difficulties in life. We usually try to make the most of them. Sometimes we come across another human being who we deeply care for, and in bits and pieces we are permitted to learn the past complexities of their earlier growth. I have not yet met Joree Williams in person, but I consider her to be a close friend. That is possible in this day and age by the Internet.

Joree has had a horrendous childhood. Where other people do and have not made it, Williams has. It is sometimes thought, that occurrences such as Joree has experienced, only could have taken place in a movie. It does not seem possible that she could have survived what she has.

This story, told in poetic style and some story type of writing done in paragraphs, tells of abused children. One little girl is the main focus. It tells of sexual abuse and violent physical abuse. The story unfolds the beginning of a very young child, a baby's life, and relives her growth.

Williams lets you explore the mind of an abused child through many different aspects. You will explore the fantasy places an abused child creates in her own mind to help herself not face reality.

'Lost Childhood' tells of crimes that we should all be aware of. Joree Williams has given us a view into the most inner depths of her being. She tells this story so that we may learn from it. Child abuse happens far too often. Kidnapping and the murder of children happen and must be stopped. There are ways to help end it.

A story, such as this, will help many to recognize the signs of a victim of a vicious attack on her very existence. If you have strong emotions about those who would hurt an innocent child, read this book and learn how you could help one instead of turning away and being part of the problem. We must learn to step in and report when we suspect there is child molestation going on.

ISBN: 978-0-557-85103-4

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