Henry's Housework Donates Services To Power Wash Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials

Germantown, Maryland (PressExposure) September 18, 2006 -- Henry's Housework coordinated one of the areas largest community service projects in the power washing industry. Power washers from across the Nation joined together on August 21-22 to power wash the Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorials in our Nations Capitol.

The project was part of the Power Washers of North America's "Clean Across America" campaign created and coordinated by Henry Bockman, owner of Henry's Housework Inc in Germantown, MD. and President of the Maryland PWNA chapter. The projects were coordinated in a partnership with the Department of the Interior’s “Take Pride in America” initiative which also encourages volunteers for community service projects. The group of 16 power washers from as far away as Connecticut, Massachusetts and Georgia worked tirelessly to keep on schedule while keeping the area clear for thousands of visitors to the memorials during the largest project ever performed through the PWNA's Clean Across America campaign.

"These structures are a part of our nations history and dating back almost 100 years in time and they need our help" states Henry Bockman. "The monuments will be cleaned with hot water and a maximum use of 600 Pounds a Square Inch was imperative, anything above that could cause irreparable damage to the monuments. The use of pressure over 1,000 PSI can cause damage to almost any surface states Bockman, "the most common misconception about power washing is the "MORE POWER" mentality of pressure washer operators. But power washing is more involved than just spraying high pressure water. It takes the proper cleaners, education and experience to get professional results." Education is one of the PWNA's main objectives through a variety of rigorous training and educational programs to certify companies for Wood Restoration, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Environmental Certification and a variety of other courses through locations around the country like Sun Brite Supply of Maryland in Gaithersburg. Henry Bockman is just one of the growing numbers of contractors in the country certified by the PWNA for Wood Restoration and Environmental Reclamation. "Our PWNA certifications and 16 years of experience give us an edge over other companies" states Henry Bockman. "They also enable us to take on larger projects like the cleaning of these memorials and other types of residential power washing that other companies may not wish to pursue."

The group of power washers also included local companies Deck Medics in Rockville, Deck Protectors in Frederick and Under Pressure in Baltimore among many others. Together the group restored over 135,000 square feet of Danby Imperial Marble, Colorado Yule Marble and Indiana Limestone that was used to build the monuments. Each monument was cleaned in less than 8 hours reducing the time that would disrupt or interfere with visitors to the memorials. Normally it takes the monuments staff five days for each monument to be cleaned but this group of professionals was able to call upon their years of experience and training to clean each monument in less than 8 hours.

Vendors and manufacturers from across the nation donated equipment and products for these projects. Goodyear Tire and Rubber donated over 2,500 feet of their new SpiraFlow hoses and vendors from California and Georgia donated products as well. This was a group effort and we required a lot of resources to manage this project. We received so much support from companies we had to ask a local vendor, Sun Brite Supply of Maryland in Gaithersburg to stockpiled thousands of pounds of material in their showroom until the project. Sun Brite Supply of Maryland was also responsible for fine tuning and making last minute repairs and adjustments to some of the power washers to ensure everything was running properly.

The results of this "DC Dream Team" of contractors is astounding said visiting sightseers. "It's refreshing to see a group of contractors working together on these cherished monuments" The group of contractors received phone calls for days afterwards from New York and California when visitors returned home and found out that the power washing of the monuments was done for free. With so many issues going on in the world today it's good to see that people still care about our nations heritage and national treasures like these monuments" states Bill Piles from Long Beach, California.

For more information about the Clean Across America campaign or for comments and questions regarding this or other projects. Visit the PWNA web site at http://www.pwna.org.

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