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New York, New York (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- Pharmacologists across the United States are urging governments to halt the outlawing of the drug Salvia Divinorum so that clinical trials on its effects can be carried out. Such trials will aim to identify the health benefits of this hallucinogenic herb, when smoked as it is recreationally across the globe.

It is drugs experts such as Dr Mendelson who are excited particularly by the Kappa Opioid receptors within the brain and how they are affected by a compound within Salvia Divinorum called ’Salvinorin A’. This compound is rumoured to have wide ranging health benefits, from easing pain and regulating bowel movements in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to boosting the immune system in those who are immuno-compromised. Perhaps if the herb’s potential was insignificant then it being outlawed in states all across America wouldn’t be of such concern, but for a drug to be made illegal when it could help treat HIV positive patients is understandably worrying for the medical industry.

At the present time Salvia [http://www.freshsalvia.com/] is not yet banned in the whole of the US and companies such as FreshSalvia.com continue to sell to states where the drug remains legal. This also means that clinical trials can be, and still are carried out by professional pharmacologists in certain regions. What the industry is wondering is if there is enough time to gather legal evidence to prove that Salvia [http://www.freshsalvia.com/] has benefits and do these clinical trials have any legal standing against governments who want the herb made illegal? For now, experts are working on how to stop the hallucinogenic effects of Salvia Divinorum [http://www.freshsalvia.com/] on the brain, so that it is not quite such an offensive substance.

Pharmacologists in America are calling for the outlawing of hallucinogenic herb Salvia Divinorum to be postponed, until evidence from clinical trials can prove whether it holds significant health benefits or not. Drugs experts and Salvia Divinorum suppliers such as FreshSalvia.com are in full support of these clinical trials and are hoping that state governments across the US will consider keeping the herb legal until conclusive evidence is obtained.

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