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Bellingham, Washington (PressExposure) May 17, 2009 -- For over thirty years, the Religious Right Evangelical Neopentacostal Charismatics Extremists have been successfully infesting the Republican Party. However, one former Alaska lobbyist believes that they found their "poster girl" in the 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

Hear what Leah L. Burton has to say on what she believes is an elaborate and appalling spectacle that has smeared not only the image of her home state, Alaska, but U.S. politics in TheoPalinism: The Face of Failed Extremism.

How in God's Name Did Sarah Palin Hit Our Radar Screens?

From unknown governor of Alaska to one of the most talked about 2012 Republican presidential candidate hopefuls; how in God's name did Sarah Palin pull that off? Or was it by using the name of God? Leah Burton warns us that Palin represents the rise of a dangerous sect within the Republican Party.

"Burton dissects the ideologies behind Palin's meteoric rise to the republican ticket as the Theocratic Republicans' "anointed selection" for vice president and with detail, debunks the incentives Palin's followers have attributed to her, by presenting a carefully laid out list of rebuttals. She coins the term "TheoPalinism" from the theocratic philosophies of dominionism and Palin's zealous adherence to her End Times beliefs."

This scalding review of Palin's political profile includes less than flattering accounts of the Alaskan governor that include her husband's unauthorized actions and her apparent dependence on him in making decisions for the state, which prompted the pejorative label from Burton, "Alaska's Stepford Governor", after the movie about gynoid counterparts of real women created to please their husbands.

While the brunt of Burton's heated opinions are obviously on Palin - it is also an entry into the influence of Dominionism in our political landscape and Palin's associations with this insidious national movement. Unapologetic in its disapproving stance, TheoPalinism will appeal to readers concerned about events surrounding the former Secular Republican Party, followers of current events, and other political-minded parties who recognize that she is here to stay for awhile and what that really means to everyone in America when the word "U.S. government" is used alongside "theocracy".

Credentials: Alaskan Leah Burton majored in Social Psychology at the University of Alaska and has been a life-long student of politics. Her newest book, THEO PALINISM: THE FACE OF FAILED EXTREMISM, exposes the goal of Dominionists/Christian nationalists (extreme evangelicals) to achieve world dominion through the inerrant interpretation of Old Testament biblical law - using the Republican Party as its vehicle.

About TheoPalinism

TheoPalinism * by Leah L. Burton
The Face of Failed Extremism
Publication Date: October 22, 2008 (Vervante)
Trade Paperback; $17.95; $15.00 introductory price; 197 pages; ISBN: 978-1607254119

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