Here Comes The Electric Transformer Revolution

Brandon, Florida (PressExposure) November 30, 2014 -- An African inventor and author of a science fiction novel trilogy titled 27th Century Fiasco has invented a new class of electric transformers which are aptly named 'Non Solenoid Electric Transformers'.

Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry invented electromagnetic induction coil in the 1830s. This discovery led to the design of the simple types of electric transformers. But it was not until the 1870s before alternating current transformers became available.

Conventional electric transformers were invented in the 19th century after the invention of the induction coil which comprises of windings of conducting wires around a solid core. This class of induction coil transformers has been used for more than 150 years till date.

A non Solenoid Electric Transformer (NOSET) as the name implies does not function on the electromagnetic induction coil principle. It is made from a mixture of doped ferromagnetic materials which range from semi-conductors to conductors.

This doping technique requires the dexterity of an experience scientific connoisseur that is skilled in the art of mixing magnetic materials to produce objects of varying electrical conductivity.

The simplest device is a cylindrical insulator casing into which the powdery mixture is contained. A pair of high voltage input terminals are fixed to the edges of the container while output terminals are tapped from any point within the body of the cylinder.

NOSET device functions as a step-down transformer only but has the advantage of function with direct or alternating current input. It is also light weight, easy to assemble and construct. The function with AC or DC inputs to produce AC or DC outputs respectively.

It is envisaged that NOSET devices will serve as a more light weight user friendly alternative to conventional electric transformers in most modern electrical appliances.

With the coming of NOSET devices many other electric objects bearing solenoids (windings) would have to be re-invented.

The inventor has made details of this new class of transformers available at to allow electrical engineers, DIY enthusiasts, scientists and hobbyists to develop and improve the NOSET devices on a level playing field.

Access the paperback and eBook formats of NOSET via the web-link below.

The power distribution industry has been experiencing a lot of cutting edge developments within the past decade and NOSET devices are set to add excitement to the mix.

But are scientists, engineers and industrialists ready to fast trach the development of NOSET devices? Time will tell.

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