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Dallas, TX (PressExposure) December 17, 2009 -- For those who are really into the manufacturing, trading, and warehouse storage business, a forklift is a most indispensable tool for carrying cargo. One forklift does the work of a 50-man pure muscle power. Investing in a forkliftis a good choice for it saves on time and manpower. It saves on operational costs and is very efficient. Here are some models of high end forklifts:

Articulated Counterbalance Trucks

This kind of forklift is designed to be able to enter into narrow aisles and is especially useful when you are loading a trailer where storage density is important.

Guided Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

This brand of forklift is used for elevating the load for higher visibility or for multilevel 'break bulk' order picking. This machine needs a very flat floor to operate well.

Explosion proof trucks

This type of forklift can be used in carrying explosive or combustible materials. It would protect the operator from harm. This is especially needed in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, military, or food and drink industries handling sensitive material.

U.S. Military 10K-AT "Adverse Terrain"

This is the type needed for work in difficult terrains and harsh conditions.

In order for a forklift to carry heavy loads while not being bulky, a heavy cast iron weight is attached to its rear. This is to counterbalance the weight being lifted. There is also the overhead guard which is a strong metal roof to protect the operator from heavy objects.

In order to optimize the capability of the forklift, there are attachments that can be placed. The attachment Sideshifter allows the machine to move the forks and backrest laterally. With the Sideshifter, the load can be placed easily without changing the position of the truck.

There is also the Rotator that allows the fork to be rotated for quick unloading. The Fork Positioner is an attachment that positions the forks to be close to each other or separate from each other.

There are also some attachments that allows the machine to squeeze the item being moved for storage, the use of poles instead of fork for carrying carpets, attachments for clamping cargo and other innovative paraphernalia.

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