High Pressure Water Jetters in Fashion

New York, New York (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- Yup, rainy days are here again. Bring out those adorable rain boots, those classy rain coats, those flashy umbrellas and the high pressure water jetters. Rain is not always as fun as they make it sound especially if you are living in the urban zone. There are piles and piles of garbage to deal with due to industrial wastes. These piles of garbage become a problem during the rainy days when they clog waterways.

Can you still picture yourself fashionably wading through knee-deep water from the sewages? I don’t think so. I am not even sure if you are willing to risk wearing your pretty leather boots when you know you would be wading in waters from the city’s sewers. You would love to stay fashionable even when the rain is pouring like crazy but you wouldn’t want to ruin a good pair of expensive boots by using it to wade through the city’s dirty waters. Oh man, rain can really kill fashion spirit.

It’s a good thing high pressure water jetters were invented. At least we can now breathe more easily knowing there is a way to remove all those garbage that clogged the waterways. Technology brings to us a solution to the seemingly unending dilemma on floods due to clogged waterways. Using a specialized high pressure pumps, the clogs can be blasted away from the city’s waterways or drainage systems. Once those obstructions are out of the way, the waters will take the right route and will no longer flood the streets. You can enjoy the rain with your intricately designed umbrella while wearing your nine-west boots and Prada raincoat. It won’t even matter if you bought it in an “ukayan” (second-hand goods store) in Baguio. You would be a beautiful sight in a gloomy day.

Thanks to high-pressure water jetters your desire to stay in fashion will not be spoiled no matter how rainy it will get. So don’t be afraid to buy those top of the fashion rain gears that you have been saving a lot for. Don’t hesitate to glam up even if the skies are dark and gloomy. Instead, strut your stuff with your head held high. As the song goes, “It’s a perfect day…nothing’s standing on my way.” Truly, with the help pf high pressure water jetters nothing will stand in your way. Not that stinky pile of garbage, not the icky waters from the sewages and not even the heavy downpour that is threatening to cramp your style.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the rainy season with the latest trend because never again will you be held back by the flooded streets. Never again will you have to settle for those heavy miner’s boots or flimsy (so-last-summer) flip-flops due to the fear of ruining your good pair of leather boots. Who ever thought that high pressure water jetters can be a very big help to all the fashionistas out there? I guess not even those who came up with this technology had an idea that they are helping the fashion industry as well as solving the dilemma of clogged waterways due to industrial wastes.

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