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Bhavnagar, India (PressExposure) January 12, 2012 -- In a statement released on 29 Dec 2011 a representative of industrial jewels introduced people to various processes and products that their company manufactures for the various companies. He announced," It is a matter of great honor and pride for our company that we have entered 46th year of providing high class precision instrument components to our customers". He further added that his company has provided people who produce precision water cutting jets with ruby orifice products.

He also intoned that industrial jewels produce all of their products like sapphire ball and jewel bearings using highest quality materials and the latest state of the art manufacturing machinery and finishing processes. They use high precision diamond tipped instruments to maintain the quality that makes them one of the leaders in the field. They produce sapphire windows in various shapes for different applications as if various instruments faceplates as they are scratch proof and resistant to various other elements that tend to disfigure view from these windows. They also have high refractive index. Watch makers have been using jewel bearings made by industrial jewels since 1966 and they were one of the first patrons of this company.

According to the statement, they use only the very best materials procured from the top vendors in the industry to make sure that they can maintain the quality of their production throughout. He also urged that they have to keep moving forward with research and development due to the constant changing technology world. They also need to keep a very neat and clean environment at their production facilities in order to maintain the high level of precision in their products as dust can seriously damage the quality of the finished product.

In recent times, they have also added to their product range and started producing different balls and apparels for optoelectronic instruments and devices. They include various lenses and optical instruments that manufacturers are using in as wide range of products as from fiber optics to DVD players. These instruments make use of high resolution lenses that are custom made for them by the industrial jewels.

Recently company has added another product in the form of feed thru insulators. Radio manufacturers make use of these insulators to reduce the noise due to various interfering sources that distort the signal coming to and going from the radio. Manufacturers use these feed through insulators in high gain radios used by navy and other maritime users. As the water is a good reflector, that means whenever you transmit sound it creates multiple echoes, therefore they need these special insulators to protect the signal.


In the end, he reiterated his company's commitment to maintaining quality for their customers so that they continue to pose interest in them.

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