Hip Hop Cash - How Teens Earn Without Rapping

Long Beach, CA (PressExposure) August 09, 2009 -- Hip hop money earners. When you think of that phrase what do you think of? Young rappers, video girls and hot-shot teen producers? Maybe. But did you know many other teens and young people have found a way to earn money from this lucrative industry ... without knowing how to rap or even dance? In fact, many of these young people don't even like rap music that much

How do they do it? They participate in the lucrative billion dollar hip hop accessories market. Until recently this has been a highly overlooked market by most people. But still it quietly grows each year along with the culture. A hand full of companies make piles of money and are perfectly happy to keep it quiet.

But many of these companies need teens and young adults to help market their products, provide insights and even take surveys to find out their likes and dislikes. After all, the middle-aged (and over) heads of these companies need hip teens to be their ears and eyes. The market for hip hop accessories include clothing, posters, bling jewelry, dance videos, exercise videos, ringtones, rap beats, memorabilia and much more.

The good news is all these products sell well online. This gives young people an opportunity to make money with their computer by simply creating a website and marketing the products to others. Many of these companies offer free training, sales tools - even a website.

This opportunity comes just in time as unemployment rates continue to climb. But many are finding hip hop accessories still sell well despite the recession. You can see that. For example, have you heard of any related companies laying off scores of employees like you hear other businesses doing? Of course not. Why? Because it's proven to be a recession-proof industry so far.

Teens and other young people will spend there last dollars for a hip hop related accessory. That's a fact. But I don't' have to tell you this, if you're a young person you know this. But many smart young people have figured it out and quietly turned the tables.

Now instead of just spending money on these accessories, they use them to make money. Many started as affiliate marketers and gone on to create their own products or accessories. Did you know most online companies will allow you to become an affiliate marketer for free. When you sell a product or item you earn a commission, simple as that. Now you know if even you can't rap, sing or dance you can still make money from the lucrative hip hop industry. You can continue to sit back and watch it make money or join it... but you can do both.

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