Holidays Still A Priority For Brits in 2009

La Pineda, Spain (PressExposure) February 13, 2009 -- Surveys conducted by tourism industry leaders among British residents indicated that 88% of the British people consider going on a holiday trip a necessity rather than a luxury. The survey further revealed that 59% of these respondents prefer cutting back on other expenses just so they could go on a summer holiday.

The results of the surveys contradicted expected results in the light of the weakening economy of the United Kingdom. Because the pound sterling is not performing well compared to the euro, and with the rising cost of fuel and other goods and services, it was thought that the British people may choose to forego going on holiday trips and other luxuries as a measure of tightening belts and saving money.

However, the attitude that the British respondents to the surveys have shown towards holiday travel and the high priority they have given it is not surprising at all. The United Kingdom enforces the longest working hours in all of Europe, and thus the British welcome their two-week summer holidays as a means of renewing themselves and spending quality time with their loved ones.

Perhaps another factor in the British outlook towards holiday travel is the fact that the United Kingdom has faced its coldest start to the winter season in 30 years. This would have naturally brought thoughts of spending the summer in a place with a warmer climate to the forefront of British thinking.


Tourism industry insiders predicted that in order to get the most out of their vacation trips, the British people would be looking towards all-inclusive travel packages that will allow them to anticipate their expenses way ahead of their actual trip. An all-inclusive package will enable them to set their budget firmly so that all they would need to worry about would be the money to spend for extras.

Another trend that tourism industry insiders stated that may show among the British holiday-goers in 2009 is the desire to travel to destinations where they can get more value for their money. Short-haul destinations that may give them this value that they seek are Spain, the Balearic Islands, Madeira and Italy.

Mid-haul destinations that may appear attractive to the British are Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and the Canary Islands. On the other hand, long-haul destinations that may appeal to the British are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Florida and Mexico.

Thomson Holidays suggested that British travelers who wish to enjoy a summer holiday and save money on their trip at the same time may do well to plan their vacation ahead of time and book early. With the tourism industry going on a slump, travelers are bound to find good deals and a lot of choices for their holidays.

Another saving tip that Thomson Holidays gave is to book an all-inclusive vacation where the accommodations include on-site activities and entertainment. Such all-inclusive vacation packages are guaranteed to save the holiday-goer more money without curtailing enjoyment of the trip.

One other piece of advice given is to book with travel operators that are stable and secure despite the economic crunch. These travel operators are reliable and will be able to guarantee that the vacation will push through.

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