Home Business Industry Credibility Crisis Activates Jaguar 10k Response

St. Petersburg, FL (PressExposure) November 01, 2007 -- With the 95% to 98% failure rate in the industry, why do web gurus and networking leaders continue promoting home business as a viable opportunity?

Jag10k.com CEO Cait Stanley, reports, "Top producing insiders are well aware of the failure rate within home-based businesses. Corner anyone in the top 2% of the industry (the handful who are making the large paychecks) and they will admit the astronomical failure statistics. The overall loss of time, money, and reputation among 'mlm-ers' and work-from-home businesses is staggering - also creating a credibility crisis for those who are promoting the opportunities."

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there are currently more than 18.3 million home-based businesses in the US. Bottom line: at least 17.4 million entrepreneurial dreams (approx. 95% of 18.3 million) will collapse into a puddle of red ink.

Those looking at this reality might wisely inquire as to why thousands of promoters for starting-a-home-business would knowingly perpetuate a myth. Why, with these statistics, would anyone hype people into investing time and money and reputation in a questionable (often untested) home-based business? Of course, there is the "money at the top" -- huge rewards for those who start the mlm balls rolling.

Industry-wide, only 5 in one hundred will profit from their ventures. Of those, the higher-achievers (2 or 3 in 100) will receive a modest living from their home business. Only 1 (maybe 2) out of the top 5 will be on track toward millions.

Gail Weinstein, veteran network marketer writes, "The so-called leaders who are still ram-rodding opportunities without providing up-to-date tools and practical training are creating our industry's credibility crisis. It's high time for new home business owners to stop hero-worshiping the ones waving their big checks without sharing their prime positioning and wealth of knowledge."

One solution: those in the lower 98% can take a stronger stance as CEOs of their own businesses and position themselves for higher profits. Effective delegation, replacing dead-end duplication can work.

Cait Stanley, of Jag10K.com says, "While we are always happy for those who make the big dollars from binary and forced matrix plans, win their company awards, and walk across the stage at the national events (and preach, "duplicate, duplicate, duplicate') we also possess powerful new ways to level that old playing field. A millionaire-in-the-making needs to find and fully utilize the new marketing tools and proven mentors."

After 30 years in the industry Cait recommends the top-notch, responsive, responsible, hands-on, mentors at Jaguar Marketing Systems. Jag Marketing (not an mlm) is the brainchild of sales training legend Al Turnquist.

Cait Stanley says, "At Jag10K.com we turn the tables on the old home business model in our alliance with sales guru Al Turnquist, marketing maven Ericka Wilcox, SEO legend Butch Hamilton and other well-grounded trainers who under-promise and over-deliver every day."

The old, worn-out duplicate, duplicate, and duplicate model of networking is replaced by advanced training in business delegation from millionaires who share their millionaire mindsets. Home business owners take on CEO status and learn to delegate.

Bottom line: a business owner who adds a Jag10K system and uses all the tools, training and live support fully to grow any viable primary business can realistically achieve what only the 1 or 2% have traditionally enjoyed. We do not compete with our system-owners' home businesses, we support them fully and creatively. How's that for a level playing field?

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