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Camarillo, California (PressExposure) November 03, 2009 -- As we go about our daily tasks of running a home business opportunity I get a little choked up when I come across a success story. So I thought I would share a story that I got to see first hand.

Let me tell you that I like many of you that has a home business opportunity I talk to people every day that are literally on their last leg of trying to start a business from home.

The stories that I get about trying many different programs and hearing them tell me that there was always something missing. Either the training they had was useless, or the entire opportunity folded just as they started to pick up speed with their marketing efforts.

There are many reasons why it just did not work out for them. About two months ago I got a call from Sarah. She told me that she was just about finished trying to start her own business. She was just so frustrated.

She was attracted to my business because the one thing that I offer is personal one on one guidance. I just feel that is what is missing for many people, as it was for me.

Sarah did join my business and I worked with her right from the start. After hearing all the trouble she had been through and all the programs she has been involved with in the past, it was no shock to me that she really had more skills than she realized.

I understand this because as we go through one thing after another, we keep learning things and picking up stuff here and there. Even she did not realize how much she had picked up until we started using it in the right places.

So we created a plan of attack and we started her doing the things that would drive some traffic to her business as soon as possible. Gradually I suggested adding some free SEO stuff to her daily schedule.

So for the last two months she has a list of things that she does every day consistently. This is not hard tasks. She is very smart and she does these things very easily.

She just needed a little help when she got stuck and just knowing that she has someone she could call when she needs help was all she needed to get her confidence back.

As the weeks have gone by she has been consistently making sales and attracting new people to her business. Sarah has passed this concept on to her people as well and now she is making enough from her override payments to finally leave that lousy job she was working.

She called me up and thanked me as she has done many times over the last couple months. I have to say that it's the most incredible feeling when someone says something like that to you.

It feels a little like when you finally start having success with you home business opportunity. It's a feeling of accomplishment and also it's a viral effect.

What I mean is if you treat people like you wish to be treated, the word and attitude starts to spread and everything good will come your way!

To your success!

Mike Schwartz [http://fastmoneyedge.com]

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