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Rock Island, IL (PressExposure) October 14, 2006 -- We all know that crime is never going to end, and we have a war amongst ourselves everyday. It's what we do about it is what's going to make the difference! If we all just go about living our lives day to day criminals are going to keep making innocent people victims of crime.

We also know that law enforcement cannot help us till we have already become a victim. So what is Americans supposed to do? The answer is simple, arm ourselves and fight back. The next question that pops up is how are we to do that when it's illegal to carry lethal weapons? Simple answer non-lethal weapons.

Non-lethal weapons can be just as effective as lethal weapons; the greater advantage of non-lethal weapons is that your attacker can be easily taken to the justice system instead of his grave like lethal weapons. As much as we would like him to be in his grave, we all know that living with a death on our shoulders would tear us up inside and haunt us the rest of our lives. Plus we don't want to be no better they are, we want to be better.

Now criminals are most likely not wanting to make situations worse, there whole goal is to get there thrill whether it would be rape, molesting, aggravated assault, larceny, criminal trespassing or breaking and entering, which could be for thousands of reasons. The whole point of this is not to just walk up and murder there victim.

The point being made is it leads to murder if murder happens its not the main intent. If that was the case then going to war for our country would be more than satisfactory for they would get to kill and kill again.

Murder may happen in many ways, there victim might have seen there face and they couldn't leave that behind for the fact of identifying them. A simple robbery might lead to murder if they were walked in on and a struggle came about, another form of they couldn't take the chance of them getting caught for them being able to identify. Or the worst of all crimes happening, abduction leading to brutally beating there victim raping them and then killing them.

There's thousands more scenarios but its getting the point across that there's plenty of opportunities we can defend ourselves before the action of them killing there victim happens. Being properly educated and aware of our surroundings doesn't always keep us safe. In fact it is only about 10% helpful, but most people that are offering this education think it is or they are doing it to make themselves feel better about it themselves that they think they are helping to the max of there abilities.

Let's go a little more in depth on this; colleges are about 50% o the crimes today. But when it comes to seeing the numbers when doing a study why don't we see them. Simple, colleges will only show what they need to unless ask by someone then they must show the numbers by law. If they with hold any statistics they can be punished by the law.

So why don't they educate and help there student's families by letting them in on these statistics? Well that's also simple is they don't want to lose an enrollee to another college because the crime might not be so bad there. Instead of educating them and helping the family secure there child by arming them and educate them to defend and fight back they would rather hide the statistics and ignore the reality.

What could come out of arming and educating there students better? They could easily cut the crime statistics down by over 50% easily. Why would that be a bad thing, isn't that why they are there is to educate there students the best of there knowledge? Let's not focus on just colleges because there are many other sources that are doing the same.

News channels and papers thrive off other peoples misfortunes and do nothing to help people by mentioning any helpful resources whatsoever without and kind of payment from the source. They educate you with what's happening in the world that's great, but how about a little educating of what could help that happening to others, or is that to much to ask for?

What's it take for someone to think about safeguarding there lives? Well most of the time it's becoming a victim is what opens people's eyes or having it happen to a loved one. And that is not fair to the victim, we can all help one another and live a much more secure life if we just help each other not talk about the event.

Let's go over a few precautionary of safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones to see how simple and inexpensive making sure we are safe and secure to live a better life in this criminalistic world.

Let's start with the most important our children, how much education do we give our children by the time they hit 18 and become the adult to make there own decisions. Most children we start educating at the age of 2 or 3. That gives us 16 to 17 years to make our children learn what is right and wrong and not do what we have done wrong in our own personal experiences.

Teaching a young mind at an early age has a huge impact of there future but most parents don't realize that. They only think about educating them when an event happens. The other thing is if they do something to help there child they don't get into details about what the help is for and what it can do to make them better there selves. Famous words are just do it and don't ask questions. BAD BAD BAD all the way around to a young mind that's curious to learn.

Single parents have the roughest times in life but are the best parents by numbers. Why you ask, well its simple two parents rely on one another to parent there children which there is little communication on what the other one has done with the children. Mostly there lifestyles are just drowning them there not giving enough to there children. It's not that they don't care there just not thinking of others which are not good in any sense especially if it's the job career that's blinding them.

What makes stay at home moms and working dads a better prospective is the mom is focused on taking care of the family. Cleaning, laundry, cooking and taking care of the children and husband. But there is a lot of flaws in this because moms don't feel respected enough by the children and husband for what she does so she rebels in her life and forgets the most needed things of her job. Most of the two lifestyles never reflect on protecting there families from danger unless it happens to them.

So what makes a single parent lifestyle any better than the first two lifestyles? Well there's many answers too this question. They were hurt, deceived, lied too, cheated on, abused, abandoned for another, used for one thing and got pregnant. There's many other reasons for there be departed from the there mate that created the precious life that counts on the parent to do the best for there childhood. Whether it be a mother or father they are alone with raising the most precious thing they have that will love them no matter what they do or who they are in life.

There focus is all on that little person who will do anything to protect them from the evil that has happen to them. That will be fresh on there mind for years to come and will do anything to keep there baby from being harmed and give them the best environment and will stop at nothing to be the best parent since they have no help. They are the ones that there career will not get in the way of there parenting, they are the ones that will not let another man or woman step in between him or her and there child.

This is only a brief summary of what goes on in parenting and the different lifestyles; these are only focused on the child neglecting cases. There are many great families out there doing there jobs as parents, this is not stated for all families. But hopefully an eye opener for the families that are doing what's needed to maybe make them think of what they could do better or at least keep them from slacking or letting up on there duties as parents.

Now let's get into the simplicities of protecting. As was said a child starts learning from the age of 2 or 3 what's right and wrong. If we start teaching early as possible as your child grows the chances of becoming a victim for your child or your family will lessen greatly. How is that for you? Well as you teach your child you will start to use these measures of protection for yourself.

Crime may not be high in your area of living but is still a factor at anytime. Just read the paper or watch the news everyday to see how many people are shocked of what happens in there community. Most children are alone a lot of there daily life whether they are at school, walking home or too school, maybe riding there bike to and from school, out playing or all activities in life they are not monitored. Even when they are with friends they are very vulnerable to becoming a victim.

If there at school playing at recess how many teachers are there to the numbers of children especially at lunch time. How many adults are there around when they are walking home or riding there bikes from home. Teachers want to do the best for there students at all times. But are they really focusing on the worst or just hoping there going to get through the day without any problems.

What could help prevent any abductions or criminal acts at schools? Well this is mainly focused on grade schools but can be used for all school levels. Having the teachers focus on more criminal procedures than a bully in the class. More than likely there are more teachers out during lunch hour and recess times or at least scheduling for that to happen would be the best thing to happen.

Having teachers at points of the play ground or whatever activity they are doing like maybe field trips but let's just focus on the playground. Having one teacher at each edge of the playground would greatly reduce risks and depending on the size of the playground maybe even more in certain areas. Like two by a street side and two by a field where there are tree lines or a row of shrubs. It's not too much to ask since the parents do put there children in the schools hands. A class added for educating on crime prevention even to the children would be great.

Now let's talk about how the kids get to school and home from school. The bus is great to an extent but that's not always enough if there isn't at least one parent there to greet them. Since the bus only makes sure they are off the road before they leave. Now we know that taking our children to and from school is the best way but most parents cannot do that.

So we send our children off by foot or bike right into the hands of the assailant. Even with friends at that age will do no affects if the criminal wants to abduct your child. So what can the parents do to safeguard there children. Well as we know there is no 100% way for that in any form of life but more with children.

We cannot put pepper spray or stun guns or even a lethal gun for that matter. But what we can do is arm and educate as much as possible. Drive your child back and forth finding the best alternative route and maybe even teach them to take a different route every other day to throw off someone that might be doing a routine surveillance of your child to see there patterns. Arming your child with a personal alarm could do great measures for there defense.

Most attackers do not want attention brought to them. But don't just hand your child an alarm and tell them to turn it on if they see a bad guy approaching them. Take a walk with them on those routes to school and back home the alternative route. Point out areas that are bad to walk by and walk them to a better side of the road and point out why. Never walk to and from school the same way. If you walked route one to school then walk route two from school. The best is having three or four routes and take them routinely two throw off any attacker's mission.

Have them use the alarm daily with drills so they sub-consciously use it in any event of bad situations and definitely teach them it's not a toy to play with at school. You do not want them getting in trouble with the school or having it taken away for them to walk home without it. Let your principal know and maybe it could help others and the school to safeguard other children.

When your child is not at school doesn't mean you can feel safe. Children still do things without adults with or without there friends. Even if your child is at a church event can make them vulnerable. Do the best you can at all times even if it makes your child mad that the only time they can do an activity is with an adult present. Even riding a bike, at least you'll get some exercise. Make time for your children, don't neglect him of his childhood because you say you can't.

Yes you can, and it may feel like your placing him in a jail because you wont let him play without an adult but that's a whole lot better than losing your child all together. Talk with neighbors that have children or family that will help out. Explain and teach them what you know and they will work together with you to safeguard there children with you.

What if you have children already grown and out of the house whether they are in college or moved on to there own hose? That should not stop you from being an over protective parent whatsoever. Children hate an over protective parent but that's better than have them become a crime victim.

Young adults can be as bad as children. They are at the age of dating and drinking or maybe even drugs. Most crimes the assailant is on some kind of drug when the attack occurs. Just because your child is bigger, older and smarter doesn't mean they don't have to safeguard there life. Male or female doesn't make a difference either.

What's great about the older your child gets is thee intelligence is developed a lot more and the safety precaution can be much greater. Young adults are easier to teach and can carry more than just an alarm to protect them. Now you can arm them with an alarm, pepper spray and possibly a stun gun.

Also if your child is in college or living on there own they have many choices to protect there dorm room, house or apartment with alarms and diversion safes. While you are learning how to protect your family and friends remember that all this could be protecting yourself.

In any situation of life you come across, and you do not have an answer to help safeguard yourself or a loved one please feel welcome to contact Home Business Protection for advice and security. They also have many resources on there website that may help you get better educated to help educate your family to be safe.

Home Business Protection is the only self defense source you need for stun guns, pepper spray, surveillance cameras, child safety, personal and home security alarms, voice changers and recorders, child protection and safety lights, diversion safes, hand held metal and bug detectors, Tasers, instructional self defense videos and much much more.

May we all live a healthier and happier life knowing we have safeguarded our lives and helped other safeguard there's! May what is written here today helps many people and gets passed on to help many that wouldn't have read it to help many more. Please help Home Business Protection fight the war on crime. Thank You all that read this and learned from it.

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