Home Education Activist Calls School Reform Impossible! Board Of Education Should Be Dismantled

Tulsa, Oklahoma (PressExposure) March 29, 2011 -- In a document released on Monday Laurette Lynn makes the bold assertion that education reform is “a colossal waste of effort, time and money”. The document titled Education Transformation is accessible through her website, http://www.unpluggedmom.com along with a PDF version. In it, Laurette suggests that the government run school system is a “scam” and a “self-feeding beast” and that education reform is impossible and irrelevant.

As the host of Unplugged Mom Radio, a web-radio talk show which promotes home education, Laurette Lynn often criticizes institutionalized schooling and blames the compulsory school system as the “root cause of many of the problems that plague society today.” Through her work on the show and her blog UnpluggedMom.com, Laurette Lynn encourages her listeners and readers to “unplug” from what she calls a proverbial matrix that is our mainstream culture; and reconnect with humanity. “Through compulsory schooling, Intellectual creativity and informed thought have been purposely replaced by processed thinking and compulsive behavior. This has had a seriously detrimental effect on our society” says Laurette. In this latest published document she compares the Board of Education system to a “Ponzi scheme” and further asserts, that education reform will only “perpetuate the justification of tax money by supporting an infinite effort to repair an unfixable situation.”

Rather than reform the public school system, Laurette advocates strongly for home education and suggests privatized community learning centers as the only reasonable option for families who absolutely cannot home-educate. It may sound extreme, but this activist is not alone. One comment from a listener commends the suggestion and adds “The artificial non-sustainable status quo absolutely needs to be questioned.” Wendy Preisnitz, founder of Life Media and Unplugged Mom.com reader says “Steer clear of compulsory anything and think about whose vision is important. There are a great many barriers to changing the government-run school system.” But she and many others think it’s worth the challenge as does Laurette Lynn. “Our kids deserve it. Our future relies on it.” She says.

As an advocate and representative for Home Education, Laurette’s willingness to work together with school reform activists has placed her in a unique position as a potential liaison bridging the gap between the two seemingly opposite ideologies that are compulsory schooling verses home education. “We should all be after the same goal: useful and quality educational choices for our youth, who are tomorrow’s future” Says Laurette.

Best known recently as host of the web-radio show Unplugged Mom Radio and blogger, Laurette Lynn has long been advocating out-loud for home education by flipping the most common criticisms back onto the school system. Laurette continues to challenge the paradigm by asserting the position that school reform is a waste of time and complete transformation is truly what is needed for the nation’s youth thus our future.

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Laurette Lynn is the Unplugged Mom; host of Unplugged Mom Radio, a popular web talk radio show for home educators, and other outside-the-box thinkers; and founder of UnpluggedMom.com . Through her work as host, motivational speaker and writer, Laurette encourages parents to challenge conventional assumptions in mainstream parenting and family living.


For more information contact Laurette Lynn via email at Info@Laurettelynn.com or by calling 918.894.2041.

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