Homeowners Utilize Sun Tube Skylights For Free Renewable Solar Energy and Greener Homes

Phoenix, AZ (PressExposure) March 15, 2011 -- Sun tube [http://www.esolarzone.com/sun-tubes.html] skylights are a new lighting option that offers homeowners the best light in an environmentally friendly fashion. Lighting is an aspect of home decorating that can make or break a house's inside appearance. Dark spaces tend to look dingier, smaller, and less appealing, regardless of how clean and otherwise pleasing they may be.

Natural lighting is the most appealing to illuminate your home, but windows are expensive in several ways. They are ineffective at insulating your home, making it more expensive to maintain a comfortable temperature with either furnace or air conditioning. If security is a concern in your area, they are vulnerable points in any home. Unfiltered ultraviolet rays can also damage fabrics and upholstery as well as your skin. In addition to these other potential problems that accompany regular windows, they can of course only be used in exterior walls of the house.

Sun tube skylights have all of the benefits of windows with none of the drawbacks. They give natural light to any room, even those without outside wall access, without permitting an undesired exchange of heat or conditioned air or presenting an opportunity for intruders to enter. The natural sunlight passes through a diffuser that spreads the light evenly through the room while blocking UV rays. A regular skylight is essentially a window set into the roof. A sun tube skylight looks, on the inside, like any ceiling light and comes in multiple styles to better complement the rest of your decor.

The benefits of natural solar energy affect not only people, but pets, plants, and possessions as well. Sunlight has long been known to benefit mood, but it also reduces eye strain with its full spectrum, and makes the colors in your home appear more natural. Artists will especially notice the distinct difference between working under a sun tube and using a regular yellow-tinted bulb to illuminate their progress.

Sun tube [http://www.esolarzone.com] skylights are a new lighting option that offers homeowners the best light in an environmentally friendly fashion. Sun tube skylights look, on the exterior of the house, like a small dome. The flashing can be selected to match your roof materials to make them even less conspicuous. Sunlight passes through this dome and enters an aluminum pipe which is extremely reflective. The pipe reflects the illumination through the diffuser lens and into your home, giving you free solar energy and healthy light sources for your house. The addition of a light kit allows sun tube skylights to be used at night also without the addition of extra fixtures.

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