Hooyoosay Releases New EP 'Googly Goo'

Long Beach, CA (PressExposure) May 16, 2014 -- The mysterious musical collaboration known as Hooyoosay have released their latest EP, "Googly Goo." The EP comprises two original tracks, "Googly Goo," and "Tare Too Te Rut Te," packaged with their instrumental remixes for an approximate total listening time of 12 minutes. It has been published on the DisKcovermusic record label. Kaleidoscopic, startlingly creative and youthful in the extreme, "Googly Goo" is the latest evidence that this bizarre and remarkable, amorphous crew from who-knows-where doesn't need names to turn heads.

"No credits, no gigs" is the founding motto of Hooyoosay (often stylized hooyoosay), whose previous releases include the full-length "In dekay," as well as singles and EPs, "My obsession," "Don't You Lie to Me" and "Come on."

To use artistic influences as a barometer for what the band themselves sound like is an exercise in futility. Their repertoire of digitally released tracks spans from blues to pop, rock, country, chanson, vaudeville, and light entertainment, and is just as likely to invade the shores of any subgenre imaginable.

Nevertheless, consistencies do exist: Hooyoosay play upbeat, positive music that lifts spirits and irresistibly invites a good time. Comparisons can be made with the happy, vernal work of They Might Be Giants, and with the endlessly mad ingenuity of Oingo Boingo, too. But in the end the listener must be content with the inconclusive conclusion that Hooyoosay are Hooyoosay, and content also in the knowledge that their next release will potentially sound as far from "Googly Goo" as Toledo is from Bangladesh.

Asked to describe the themes of "Googly Goo" and "Tare Too Te Rut Te," Hooyoosay paint pictures of exultation.

"The lyrics may seem like a lot of nonsense," they write, "but actually they do have an underlying meaning, and a very positive one. 'Googly Goo' expresses the immense joy of a young kid discovering this fascinating online world when wiping a tablet. 'Tare Too Te Rut Te' simply is another way of shouting 'we feel fine,' 'we're so glad,' 'we're alright.'"

Played back-to-back, "Googly Goo" and "Tare Too Te Rut Te" can also tell a coming-of-age story. The EP describes in sonic terms, as the band puts it, "the evolution from the young, joyful innocent kid in 'Googly Goo,' to the smiling young teenager when 'Tare Too Te Rut Te' opens, and then to the more self-conscious and mature teenager by the end of 'Tare Too Te Rut Te.'"

Also notable is that "Googly Goo" features a performance by the group's youngest collaborator. The band haven't provided an exact age, but the title of the track seems to bear evidence that the artist is somewhat younger than 30.

"Googly Goo" by Hooyoosay is available online everywhere. Get in early.

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