Hopeful Of Preventing Veteran Suicides, New Veterans Organization To Bring Workshops, Re-Entry Counseling, And Organic Food To VA Hospitals

San Francisco, CA (PressExposure) June 26, 2009 -- Helping American Veterans Endure, H.A.V.E., is a newly created organization functioning under the fiscal sponsorship of the nonprofit Agape Foundation. H.A.V.E. will bring workshop programs to Veterans in the VA Health Care system, using music, creative writing, humor, and art in workshop settings. The goal of these workshops is to aid the VA in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression that affects many Veterans. The workshop programs will be monitored by H.A.V.E.’s staff of consulting Psychologists and the results used to further research on PTSD.

Helping American Veterans Endure was created by two Vietnam Era Veterans, Martin Koellhoffer and Lee Gooding. Following a stay at a VA hospital, Gooding, a certified massage therapist and certified nutritionist, believes that improving the quality of food in the hospitals will help patients to heal faster. Upon learning the number of suicides among veterans is more than six thousand per year, he knew the VA could benefit from community involvement and contacted his former Army friend, Florida businessman, Martin Koellhoffer. Together they formed the H.A.V.E. organization, and began working with the VA Medical Center in San Francisco using workshops to support the VA’s treatment of PTSD. With the assistance of organic farmers and local organic restaurants, they are striving to improve the quality of food in the VA hospital system. San Francisco’s nonprofit Agape Foundation has provided fiscal sponsorship enabling H.A.V.E. to accept tax deductible donations.

Funding for the workshop programs and organic foods will be provided by H.A.V.E. through private donations. H.A.V.E.’s primary goals are to help Veterans successfully deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, the leading causes of suicide among Veterans, and bring a healthier quality of food to VA hospital inpatients.

The following are a general outline of some programs that H.A.V.E. will offer to Veterans:

• Volunteer musicians, writers, humorists, artists and massage therapists will facilitate workshops and provide benefit performances and readings in various VA Medical Center locations, beginning in the San Francisco VA Medical Center. H.A.V.E. is also researching new technologies to treat PTSD and depression.

• H.A.V.E. offers a military to civilian re-entry counseling workshop to Veterans. This workshop will guide Veterans on how to prepare for and pursue a career in civilian life, how to maintain a bank account, create a budget, and plan for a stable, financial future. Workshops will be facilitated by financial advisors, job counselors, human resources directors and prospective employers.

• H.A.V.E. will connect Veterans and businesses together for employment opportunities, training, and counseling. H.A.V.E. will offer qualified Veterans a business scholarship program enabling them to obtain funding for business licensing and training classes.

• H.A.V.E. will provide fresh, organic foods, obtained from local, certified, organic farms, to the VA hospital kitchens, a program which is fully supported by the VA Health Care System’s Wellness philosophy. Providing organic foods will assure Veteran inpatients are receiving the highest quality foods available.

Martin Koellhoffer, Executive Director of H.A.V.E. stated, “The task we’ve undertaken is important and considerable. We want to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations to support our efforts with the Veterans Administration health care system in treating PTSD, depression and other related conditions. H.A.V.E.’s ultimate goal is to effectively reduce the number of suicides by Veterans from all eras, improve the quality of health in hospital inpatients, and provide Veterans with civilian life transition training. We have implemented our programs in cooperation with the San Francisco VA Medical Center, and intend to begin our work with VA hospitals in other states very soon.”

For more information regarding H.A.V.E., visit their website at http://www.have-vets.org

H.A.V.E. receives all of their funding from tax deductible, private donations. They ask that anyone interested in helping Veterans overcome PTSD and related issues, receive re-entry counseling and job opportunities, and improve the quality of foods being given Veterans at VA hospitals, please send a tax deductible check or money order to;

Helping American Veterans Endure ~ 2777 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 108, Santa Rosa, CA. 95403

Make checks payable to: The Agape Foundation/H.A.V.E. Or Donate online at http://www.have-vets.org

About Helping American Veterans Endure, H.A.V.E.

Martin Koellhoffer
Executive Director
Helping American Veterans Endure, H.A.V.E.

H.A.V.E. functions under the fiscal sponsorship of The Agape Foundation in San Francisco, California.

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