Horizon DataSys has Revolutionized The PC Recovery Solution with FirstDefense ISR-Rescue

Vancouver, Canada (PressExposure) September 03, 2008 -- FirstDefense Rescue is an Instant PC Recovery solution that enables PC users to immediately restore their system in the event of a failed system or if critical software becomes corrupted.

Traditional methods of PC recovery involve restoring your PC from the most recent backup. If that does not work, you are compelled to wipe-out the entire system and reinstall everything from the OS onwards - applica­tions, settings, updates, data and so on. This can be very time consuming; taking anywhere from a few hours to a few days. And, if you pay for computer support on an hourly basis, this can become quite expensive.

Instant Recovery Anytime

With FD-ISR Rescue, system recovery is almost immediate. When install­ed, FD-ISR Rescue creates a "RESCUE" area; a fully functioning, 100% copy of your existing system volume. Now, if you get a problem, you simply select the RESCUE area and reboot the computer - you are back to a fully functioning system.

What happens if you get the infamous BSoD (Blue screen of Death) and cannot select the RESCUE area from within Windows?

FirstDefense-ISR Rescue provides a method of immediate recovery with no rebuild time. Even if Windows can not boot up, or if an application fails, complete recovery begins with a simple reboot. During the boot, press the F1 key before the Windows boot process. You will see the pre-OS screen from FD-ISR Rescue. From the subconsole, select "Boot to the RESCUE Area". Your PC will then revert back in the clean RESCUE snapshot.


Advanced users can also use the RESCUE area as a "sandbox" in which to test applications or other system changes. Simply boot to the RESCUE area and try the change. When done testing, boot back to the ORIGINAL area and refresh, with the Copy/Update command, to remove the changes made to the RESCUE area.

Clean up a Corrupted Disk

Once you are in the RESCUE area, you can continue to work. At the same time, you can copy the RESCUE area back to the ORIGINAL area. This will clean out any viruses, root kits,FirstDefense-ISR Rescue screenshot GUI Interface spyware, phish-ware, key loggers, etc. that caused you to abandon the ORIGINAL area. When finished, you can return to the ORIGINAL area.

Save Time and Money

FirstDefense-ISR Rescue offers virtually uninterrupted system access and enhances productivity, as it significantly reduces the time to recover a failed system. This enables you to quickly repair system crashes, rather than spend time on rebuilding.

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