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New York , NY (PressExposure) March 11, 2014 -- New York health and wellness Julie D. Andrews writer has released her debut book that takes a much-needed, piercing look at all the confounding, contradictory, negative and downright damaging messages bombarding us every day under the guise of promoting "healthy living."

The book is now available on Amazon in eBook format and will soon be available in paperback format:

After writing service-y, tips-filled health articles on how to live healthy for nearly 10 years, the writer took a step back, and a deeper, more thoughtful approach to try to figure out what real roadblocks were blocking Americans from the healthy lifestyle they craved.

"It just didn't make sense. That's how this book started, utter befuddlement," says Julie D. Andrews, about her debut healthy living release. "I wanted to dig deeper. I wanted to better understand how everything from food to food shopping to eating and exercise had become so confusing, complex and off-putting. I got my answers. And now, readers will have the answers to, and know what is really healthy, really safe, really happy and really smart."

Julie D. Andrews had been writing about healthy living, researching health-related topics and reporting on health and fitness news and trends for nearly 10 years, ever since starting her journalistic career at Prevention magazine. All the research she read, and expert sources with whom she spoke, made it clear that healthy living boiled down to about three simple steps: (1) Eat healthy; (2) Exercise regularly; and, (3) Reduce stress daily. And, yet.

And, yet, obesity and diabetes epidemics continued to plague the nation; and, heart disease remained the leading cause of death in the U.S. The fact that all three conditions are preventable just blew her mind. Where was the disconnect? What was the mix-up, hang-up or roadblock? Julie spent six months exploring the daily messages facing all of us in our society more closely and put the snapshots together in the fascinating mosaic comprising Real Is the New Natural.

With each new message transmitted to her, Julie went to her network of trusted nutrition experts and psychology experts and medical experts and food-scientist experts to ask them...but why do we say, "You look great....have you lost weight?"; and, how are we supposed to know what our actual healthy weight should be; and, does cleansing and juicing really promote health and wellness and much, much more.

Once you start to see the contradictory, confusing and negative massages parading around as healthy constantly bombarding us, you can disregard them immediately for what they are: Distractions from simple truths. Real Is the New Natural.

The new book "Real Is the New Natural" cuts to the heart of the matter: If we as Americans want to be healthy, we will have to silence the noise bombarding us and be our own best health advocates.

The book has received accolades and positive feedback from experts and readers alike, who are calling it well-researched and refreshing. One mother commented that is was a "Great book" and that she is having her teen daughter, who is struggling with self-image and body issues, read it as a way to open up discussions of topics that were once difficult to breach.

"When I read that review, I had a moment," says the author Julie D. Andrews. "That Real Is the New Natural could reach one parent who will now use the book as an impetus to talk about important issues with a teen child is everything I could have hoped for and more. It is a dream come true, and I hope to connect with many more readers to dissolve society's distracting, damaging messages parading as health."

Praise for Real Is the New Natural

Reads a review from Murray Grossan, M.D., ear, nose and throat specialist with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who has written several books including The Sinus Cure, "Julie D. Andrews has analyzed today's world of health misinformation. How celebrities sell fruit drinks containing no fruit. How to analyze "natural" and "organic" labels. Reading her book gives you insight on how to unravel a society where it's stars who influence children and adults' eating habits. Her essay on cleansing and dieting, alone, is worth the price of the book, and should be a must-read. Ms. Andrews has done her research well in Real Is the New Natural, and I, as an M.D. author can appreciate her science, and her ability to make reading about it meaningful."

Jessica Jones, MS, RD, CA-based co-founder of Food Heaven Made Easy calls Real is the New Natural a quirky page-turner highly recommended for those seeking a practical guide to healthy living."

Amy Roberts, NY-based certified personal trainer and health/fitness writer says Real Is the New Natural "is a thoroughly engaging read. Julie D. Andrews brings a smart, no-nonsense point of view to today's health topics. Julie's writing style is imminently readable as she discredits the garbage health fads by providing insightful, scientifically supported commentary."

The author Julie D. Andrews is now writing her next release, on the topic of entrepreneurialism, which will be available April 15, 2014.

About the Author Julie D. Andrews is a health writer and editor living in New York City. She is a 2013 Association of Health Care Fellow. Her writing has appeared and in print on the websites of Prevention, Shape, Men's Fitness, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Glamour, Fitness, New York Magazine, Elle, LearnVest, YourTango, NYC Metro Sports, Reader's Digest, The Huffington Post, New York Moves and more. She made a television appearance on the Fox and Friends morning show in January 2014. She is now hard at work on her second book, which will be on entrepreneurialism and be released on April 15, 2014. Connect with her on Twitter @julieDandrews, Facebook at Julie D. Andrews and/or on her website:

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