Hot 6 Tips on Saving Cell Phone Bill - Economically Use Your Money

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 21, 2009 -- Not exclusive products for the rich any more, cell phones play a vital role in almost everyone’s life. Their prices are constantly falling. Low-priced high quality cell phones are not unreachable today. Wholesale mobile phone [] sellers, drop shippers or online stores are pervasive today. They could offer us cheap products and ensure the product quality at the same time. But a cheap mobile phone is not a key to save your budget.

Do you remember how much you paid on your last phone bill? The effective way to reduce your out-of-pocket cost is to decrease your expenditure on the cell phone use. The following tips could help you reduce your mobile phone spending to the least degree.

1. Take a note about how many minutes you spend on calling, messaging or how much money your pay for others. Double think about all of those expenditure. If you spend much more on your messaging, you need to change a service package which offer free text or give you XXX number of text free of charge. If you always make phone calls, choose a service plan that provides the lowest call fee per minute or offers free XXX-minute call. Plus, if you find that you seldom spend money on certain service, why not cancel the service? - that could save you several to tens of dollars a month.

2. Use a landline as frequently as possible. Local calls by landline mostly charge zero, but mobile phone doesn’t. Why not use your corded phone as you at home? That way is not only healthy, but also economic.

3. Make full use of family & friends and in-network plans. Cell phone service providers always offer free in-network calls or allow you to choose some people that you could make zero-charged call or save huge. Choose your most common-called friends, workmates or family members into such kind of plan. You could cut down your expenditure dramatically.

4. Be alert about roaming fee. If you seldom travel outside your living area, this fee doesn't affect you too much. But for a frequent traveler, please mind such kind of fees. Generally, there are 3 kinds of area services, that is local, regional, and national. Choose a service plan that best suit your situation. And reduce the time you use your cell phone. Although corded phones are not so popular as cordless phones, they are available in hotels, parks, railway stations or other public places. Using them helps you save big when you are outside your local area.

5. Be careful about toll free calls. In fact, some toll-free calls aren't free when you use your cell phone to call, so note about 1-800 calls.

6. Take advantage of bundled services. A considerable service discount is available if you choose all of the services only from one provider. Why not bundle your services?

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