Hottest New Weight Loss Workout Vibration Exercise Fitness Explodes Upon the USA

New York, NY (PressExposure) January 12, 2009 -- New York, NY -- The world-wide explosion of Vibration exercise fitness has hit the USA with a bang! Vibration exercise machines are now being used from Hollywood to New York to Middle America and VibraSlim is leading the way with help from doctors, trainers and even celebrities.

With interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles at all time highs, millions of Americans are looking for the fitness program that fits their lifestyle and that they enjoy. VibraSlim has filled this need and has been rapidly expanding across the nation over the past 5 years.

VibraSlim’s technology first caught on with fitness trainers and doctors who realized the many benefits that their clients could gain from VibraSlim’s vibration training machine. From there vibration exercise grew mostly from word of mouth from those who had fantastic results from the vibration machine. Today VibraSlim’s fitness machines are used by moms, dads, retirees, chiropractors and pro athletes.

VibraSlim has been featured in top magazines such as “Health” and “Fitness Experts”, on the Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp” series, and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” to name a few.

VibraSlim’s Europlate vibrating platform offers the same benefits of an hour-long sweaty gym workout in just 15 minutes with the machine burning the calories for you. The Vibration Plate is said to be responsible for the incredible shapes of not only Madonna, but also stars such as Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer, Sophia Bush and Natalie Imbruglia.

The VibraSlim vibration machine has been designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through your entire body. The vibration plate causes very rapid muscle contractions thirty to fifty times per second that work your muscles continuously. These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!

1. Vibration exercise burns fat and cellulite 2. Vibration Fitness tones and tightens skin 3. Increase your Strength dramatically in weeks. 4. Increase your serotonin levels, which improve your mood and energy levels. 5. Decrease joint pain and blood pressure. 6. Increase your flexibility and balance with Vibration Plate workouts.

The superior muscle-activation that the vibration machine stimulates compared to conventional training, means that less time is required to work muscle groups completely. A one minute workout on this vibration platform burns more energy and creates strength improvements. This is achieved with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments. You can perform static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, and placing your hands on it. Almost any exercise from a typical gym workout to passively sitting on a chair and resting your feet can be done on a vibration platform.

Vibration training is backed by dozens of medical research reports (see link at bottom).

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