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Cebu City, Philippines (PressExposure) August 18, 2009 -- Looking to buy some philippines properties for sale, such as a condominium or a house? Deciding which is the best between a house and a condominium or condo is one of the many questions that people are asking about and debating about. However, no matter how much people look at it, each living spaces possess different advantages and disadvantages that could place the other at a disadvantage yet put it at an advantage for some instances. So it's only just the matter of looking for the proper living space that could serve your need. To better help you with your decisions for looking to buy philippines properties for sale such as houses and condos, here are some pros and cons of choosing between a house and a condo unit.

Condominium Pros Easier Maintenance - Because of its relatively small to medium spaces, people, especially those that are too busy to do house work, could easily maintain the cleanliness of their house. Another advantage is that condominiums usually have maintenance that keeps the whole place maintained and in order. Cheaper Down Payment - A condo unit is relatively cheaper than that of buying a whole house, making it a lot easier for people wanting to get their own house immediately. Location - Unlike houses, condo units are usually located near key locations as well as business areas. This makes it easier for people working to avoid rush hour.

Condominium Cons Monthly Fees - As part of the rules of condominiums, tenants are required to give monthly fees that usually goes toward the collective upkeep and development of the property. Combine these fees with monthly mortgage payments and you can sometimes end up paying more per month for a condo than a house of equal value. Restrictions - There are several rules that governs the way things work in a condominium. If you want to rent out your unit, this decision should first be approved by the condominium board. If you want to make even the slightest renovation with your unit, this should also be considered first by the board. There are also restrictions on how many occupants as well as the minimum age of the occupants.

House Pros Family Oriented - Unlike some condos that usually limits the number of its occupants as well as the minimum age in which the occupants are required, houses are more built for the family. With their own yards and generally more square-footage, houses tend to be more family friendly.

Spacious - Unlike other philippines properties for sale such as condos, houses are more spacious and lot better place for kids to run around and play.

House Cons Maintenance - Because of its larger spaces, houses would require more effort to maintain its upkeep. Unlike condos in which you pay the board for maintenance, houses would have you to do both the interior maintenance as well as your garage area. The only advantage is that money you put into home improvements will likely pay off in terms of a higher resale value. More Item - With that big space, you'll find yourself wanting to fill it up with additional items such as decorations and other stuff. Unlike the condo's usually size, houses are much bigger which would also require more items in and out of the house.

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