How Cell Phones Affect Our Lives

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) July 21, 2009 -- As high-end electronics gadgets of modern times, cell phones have become one of the basic of our lives. We eat with them, sleep with them, talk with them, work with them… Some of us even couldn't imagine how our ex-generation lives when these phone on the go aren’t available.

What would we do when our mobile phones suddenly break down or are stolen? Most of us might immediately buy a new one, right? Affordable, high quality phones are at hands, as multiple shopping channels like wholesale electronics [] and online retailers are available. Mobile phones' enormous benefits are undeniable.

1. They are life-saving tools when we are alone and encounter unexpected troubles. In the old times, we only waited to someone to luckily find us while we have some accidents - how desperate and miserable we were at that time. But modern times is different, just take out our phone and call 911 or someone we familiar. This advanced electronics gadgets allow us to transform the passivity into initiative.

2. They are unmatched, ultra-convenient communication tools. This kind of communication tools on the go lets us get rid of confinement of corded phones. We could make calls at any place and any time we want. Plus, their using fee is not expensive.

3. They are fantastic entertainment tools. Unlike corded phones, mobile phones let us enjoy more than just communication. Most modern cell phones are equipped with different games and could play MP3/MP4, videos, TV programs, etc. They even make some electronics not so popular like TV and MP3.

No perfect or too good things exist in this balance world. Cell phones also have bad influence on our environment and our health. Frequent cell phone users who unhealthily use these gadgets are more likely to have cell phone elbow, an increased risk of malignant gliomas, a higher rate of acoustic neuromas, or more (For details of cell phone hazards and healthily ways of using cell phone, please read Green ways to Use Your Cell Phone [] in ActFind News Section).

So we should appropriately take advantage of this kind of tools. Let them become a great hand in our lives. But don't let them destroy our lives. Wholesale mobile phone [], retails, and stores could offer us cheap cell phones, but they couldn't save our health.

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