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St Louis, MO (PressExposure) May 19, 2011 -- Knee pain can be a disabling, long term problem which the usual medical and surgical solutions don't always work. It's possible that the cause of the knee pain, an injury for example, may have also injured the nerves of the knee. Knee denervation, performed by Dellon Institutes, is a surgical procedure designed to remove the nerve pathways that are transmitting the pain signals.

The average patient who has had knee denervation has already had more than three surgeries, proving how difficult the pain problem can be to diagnose and treat. Some diagnoses that may have been given include:

-persistent pain after total knee joint replacement
-persistent pain after arthroscopy with no further procedure available, or only procedures that would be too risky
-persistent pain with diagnosis of arthritis
-reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Knee denervation surgery will take between one and two hours. It is done using general or spinal anesthesia. Recovery is quick; patients are able to walk around as soon as they have recovered from the anesthetics. A cane or small walker may be useful until the patient gets used to the sensation of walking without pain. Patients return to driving and all other normal activities in moderation as their confidence in the results of the surgery permits.

It's seen from our patients that this surgery can have astounding results. One patient said "I feel it is most necessary to thank you for my knee surgeries and the difference they have made in my life. What a miracle this has been for me; my quality of life has been totally improved." Another reacted by saying, "A short three months after the knee denervation surgery, my knee is amazing! I forgot how it felt to not have pain every second of the day, but now I can go through a day of school and sports and not have that distraction. It is a phenomenal feeling!"

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