How Different Are the Solid State Drives

Santa Clara, CA (PressExposure) February 11, 2011 -- A PC or for that matter any electronic device where storage is necessary will not be able to store the data until and unless there's hard drive in it. With the changing technologies and new innovations happening, electronic storage devices like computer hard disks are also becoming more and more sophisticated in design as well as performance. Solid State Drives are amongst the most popular computer hard disks which are available in the electronic hardware market. You would like to know what is so special about these computer drives and all the more what make them too special?

A solid state drive (SSD) is more effective in performance than what your present PC might have installed in it. These new SSD drives are flexible and they have capabilities to work virtually with any notebook, netbook, desktop or laptop computer. The remarkable difference that separates solid state Drive from a standard hard disk is that the standard hard disks have multiple and fragile parts that work in an integrated way for storing and retrieving the information, and as the result of which hard drives are easily prone to many damages in case the system is given a jolt or a big jerk during its operation. Since the standard computer hard drive can be easily damaged, there is very high probability that the critical and important data is lost in fraction of seconds, and you are altogether stranded in a real bad situation. Solid State Drives do not have any moving components and as the result of which it makes them easy to sustain any shocks or even drops. The drives are quite flexible to use and provide high quality performance under every condition. The peculiarity of solid state drives is that these are manufactured from solid state memory chips. The drives are quite similar in appearance to the computer memory chips that you find in the netbook computer or any laptop.

The data stored on SSD drives can be easily retained on the drive even when the computer is shut down. However, this is not possible in case of standard hard drives where you need to have the power back up for saving the data. Solid State Drives are comparable extra large USB sticks, except that they have large capacity. SSD drives have been designed to give you computer the best fit when it comes to high capacity storage. Make sure that you check the hard drive capacity when you buy them. Do not be in a big hurry to go for just any drive.

Here are the popular Solid State Drives

Crucial Real SSD C300 256GB - The drive offers good overall performance and also best write capabilities. It is worth buying.

Toshiba 256GB Solid State Drive - The drive provides fast speed writing and amazing performance for any PC. However, the drive is not available through standard retail channels.

Samsung 2.5 256GB MLC SSD - the high capacity SSD comes at high cost-per-gigabyte. The drive provides good performance capabilities and it a best fit for your computer system.

Corsair 256GB Internal Solid State Drive - Surely, this is a high performing SSD drive that is also economical fit to your computer system.

Intel X25-M Solid-State Drive 160GB - The SSD from Intel provides remarkable performance and price which is affordable for an average PC owner. The drive has long lasting performance history.

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