How Do Postcard Printing and Other Tools Be Effective In Cross-Promotions?

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- If you are new in the field of business, don't shy out, be aggressive. This way, you'll be able to climb the ladder faster. Don't just avail of postcard printing and do like how others have done it, venture out into cross-promotions.

What is Cross-Promotion?

Basically, the idea here is that you campaign for the other company's products and they'll do the same with yours. It may sound easy. But to succeed here, you need to find a reliable and stable company who will agree on such terms.

If you are new, you can settle for lesser exposure. It is enough that the bigger company accepts your offer and allows you to use their name for your own advantage.

There are many ways to do cross-promotion. To give you ideas, here are some:

1. Use the print medium

Avail of postcard printing, business cards, flyers, catalogs, brochures, door hangers or stickers. Swap your materials. You will display their promotional tools on your area and the other company will do the same.

2. Direct-mail postcards

Design the postcards in such a way that people will be enticed about both companies. The idea here is that when people see the other company, your business will be associated with that. So as a result, their clients will be led your way and vice versa.

3. Media appearances

Conduct contests on TV or small promo stints in which the winners will bring home both your products. Appear on different broadcast medium together. Again, this is to ensure the public that both companies can be relied on.

4. Community projects

This is also a good avenue to take. You must take part in such humanitarian events together with the other company that you're cross-posting with. Make sure that the event is well-attended and that both companies will take credit for the occasion.

5. Endorse one another's products and services. You must talk to your customers and in a way engage them into trying out the other company's products. But before you do this, both companies must be familiar with what the other company offers.

6. Use your receipts

Both companies can also design the receipts they give to their customers to mention the other company's name on it.

7. Giveaway

Make it a part of your promotional schemes to give out to people as freebies each other's items.

The above mentioned constitutes less cost for both companies. There are other ways to do cross-promotion wherein you have to shell out more money.

The idea here is that people must relate you to a dependable and good company. Before you commit to this, make sure that you know the people that you're dealing with. Try out their products so that you will not have any problems recommending such to other clients in the future.

By going through the advertising route with a partner, you're assured of a larger base of customers. You can always go solo in the long run. But as a startup, this is a tested route to easily boost your sales and make your mark through all the competition.

Whether you'll do it big time or will settle for the low-cost ones like business cards, postcard printing, flyers and the likes, this is definitely a must and worth to try.

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