How Do Transformers Influence Our Real World? - Transformer's "Kickback"

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) August 12, 2009 -- Bringing unique, splendid audio & video experience, transformers stir the whole world. What is the kickback of this great science fiction films? In the films, Americans show off their sophisticated armament. They become the only messenger to save the earth and communicate with giant transformers.

Probably most of us don't have any feeling about such kind of plot. But sharp business men have already seen the great chance to make big money. Transformers toys, clothes, etc. pour into the market at the same time the films play. Even the electronics world is inspired to create transformer-shaped products to allure more consumers, and the representative is cell phones world. Look at the mobile phone in the 1st picture:

This transformer-inspired cellphone offered by Parkoz Hardware is like the ED-209 of Robocop fame. Changing from average clamshell handset, the phone is a bi-pedal mini weapon of mass destruction. A pair of miniguns makes you think this small electronics gadget is capable of shredding away anything which prevents it from achieving its purpose. Cool, right?

China electronics world also becomes excited, not only China wholesale [] sellers or retailers, but also China counterfeit phone suppliers. China counterfeit phone manufactures even design transformer cell phones. So there comes the advent of Optimus Prime mobile phones. Please see the 2nd picture:

Different from the transformer phone in picture 1, they couldn't transform. The phones just apply the shape of Optimus Prime to its outward case. Their back adopts anti-slide design. Other greatest features of this cell phone include 2.2-inch TFT QVGA screen, built-in cameras, handwritten input capability, etc. Supporting 13 languages, these Optimus Prime cell phones are also dual SIM phones []. The final price per phone is estimated to be within 1,000 RMB.

The present world is full of challenges and chances. If you act in time, you could make big money and become successful. Although China is a developing country, and its technology is not as advanced as developed countries, it is capable of making a right judgment and seizing the right chance to catch up the world step.

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