How MTA Vehicle Inspection Helped One of His Customers

Darlinghurst, Australia (PressExposure) August 18, 2009 -- MTA Vehicle Inspection can help give you peace of mind when buying a used car. Here is how we helped one of our customer.

"On Saturday the 13th June I purchased a black automatic VW Golf 1995 for the sum of $5000. It took the next week to get the car registered and fix the problems outlined in the contract signed. This included anything that needed to be repaired for it to pass a pink slip. Including the the temperature light which was flashing, a service, tuning of the engine, sourcing a glove box clip (which I still haven't received), repairing the brakes as the pedal went to the floor and replacing the two front tyres which are completely bald. None of these repairs have been done to date. I am of the understanding that it is illegal for you to sell a car in an unroadworthy condition.

On Friday the 19th June the car was delivered to me. After twenty minutes of driving I had to pull over as the temperature light was flashing and the car was smoking out of the bonnet. I let it cool and then drove it home, having to stop three more times as smoke kept pouring out of the bonnet. Once I got it home and let it cool for an hour I took the cap off the radiator and there was not a drop of water in it. This is how it was delivered to me! I poured more than 4 litres of water into the radiator and it just evaporated. I am also concerned there is now no coolant in the cooling system. I find this appalling that how one could deliver a car to me in this condition.

Driving the car later that evening, again after fifteen minutes I had to stop as it was making a horrifically loud banging noise from the engine and I was concerned it was going to blow up. I called the some roadside assistance company (which was part of the deal when I bought the car) and they were not able to help me out at all as they hadn't received the paperwork for my membership. This left me stranded and alone waiting for an hour for the car to cool before I could top it up with water and drive it home. On top of all this it kept shifting in and out of gear (drive and neutral) while driving, it didn't seem to be engaging. I was stopped at traffic lights on a slight hill and when the lights went green, I accelerated but instead of the car going forward like it is supposed to it started rolling backwards, this is incredibly scary and unsafe! It not only falls out of gear when stopped it also does this while driving. I couldn't call them on Friday night as it was out of their business working hours so I called on Saturday morning and spoke to the concerned person. I explained what happened to the car and he brushed it off saying I need to take it to a mechanic to get looked at. No help was offered, not even an apology. I was very upset as I hadn't even had the car for 24 hours.

I have since taken this to a mechanic as suggested and he immediately found these problems. The reason it was overheating was because the plastic flange tube was leaking. The transmission is slipping out of gear as the transmission fluid is very low and has a leak. The Gear box mount has collapsed causing the engine to fall down to one side. These are the reasons the car keeps going in and out of drive. This is extremely dangerous and could cause an accident. If the car is driven like this it can also cause extreme damage to the engine. This car you have sold me is NOT roadworthy and is illegal.

Getting a registration for a car is supposed to warrant the car as roadworthy and their mechanic should have picked up on these things. It is of my belief that this car should never have passed a pink slip examination.

On Friday the 26th June the car would not start due to a flat battery. I had it towed to the mechanics on Saturday 27th. He found the fault not to be the battery but there are other problems causing the battery to go flat. This is not only inconvenient but costly. I am now using public transport after buying a car which is unroadworthy and illegal. They should not be selling a car that is not in roadworthy condition.

It is very disappointing spending $5000 on a vehicle that I haven't been able to drive since the day I received it."

MTA Vehicle Inspection helped the customer to resolve the issue quickly.

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