How Mr. Philo Taught Darian to Profit from MLM Gold Mine

, Georgia (PressExposure) April 08, 2009 -- When Darian Philo "The Produce Man" was a kid.

"Some people call me Darian, some call me Philo, but this is about "The Produce Man." You say.."what in the world is a produce man?" That question will be answered a little later. For now...let's analyze the question at hand. If you were a kid again, what would you be doing? Well...let's go back for a short while. In my childhood I did many different things, as I know most of you out there did. I was raised on a golf course with my dad. My dad was the coolest of all dad's...he actually paid me for what I did. That's Right I got paid. I was around 8 or 9 years old when I started getting paid. WOW! Well, I wouldn't say that so fast because it was not a whole heck of a lot of money. I was paid to do things like swat flies around the clubhouse for a penny a fly, or pick rocks out of the bunkers for a penny a rock, or help pick up balls on the practice range. Many of these jobs my dad assigned me just to keep busy. I never knew that I was learning something in the process. As I was working I never realized that I would one day be profiting from his techniques in MLM's"

As Darian picked rocks out of bunkers he used to think about so many things. He would think about what it was like to be a grown-up or what it was like to drive a car, or how much money he was going to make if he actually picked all the rocks out of each bunker. He was actually learning as he was working. He never imagined he could learn while he earned. But, he was doing just what his parents always said he would do...."You just might Learn something while you pick those rocks out of those bunkers." Well, as he looked back he did just that, he learned a little something. Darian says..."I think I learned a little something about life through an experience that most people can relate to."

One of the main things he learned in life as a kid is what most entrepreneurs are missing in today's society. Life is more than just making money, life is more than just getting on the next leader board in your company, life is simply about solving people's problems through discipline and hard work. Work ethic is one of the problems that most people do not know how to solve. Darian is here to tell you that solving problems like this is what he learned as a kid and he is still doing to this day. Darian is basically using the fundamentals, that his father taught him when he was a kid, to profit from in an MLM Goldmine. are probably still wondering what the produce man is? Well...if you haven't figured it out yet I think you should learn a little more about Darian Philo and how he became known as "The Produce Man."

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