How Printing Booklets can be Used for Advertising

Telford, PA (PressExposure) October 01, 2009 -- Booklet printing is usually not the first choice for advertising. The more popular types such as posters, brochures and catalogs are usually the ones that are in the front lines of the market.

However, I am here to tell you that booklet printing can be quite a great supplement to your traditional advertising tools. While cheap booklets might not come to be as dominant as brochures might be on the advertising circuit, they represent a subtle kind of advertising that covers the weaknesses of a campaign.

Below are a few good uses you can consider for these advertising tools.

• Awareness booklets for small startup businesses - these are great for spreading awareness for your business. Be it a simple shop or a service oriented firm, you can easily spread the word about the premise of your business through booklets. For example, a vegetarian restaurant might want to make known the benefits of their food for people.

A pet shop might want to make people aware about the great usefulness of dogs in the house. There are many ways you can use a custom booklet to spread awareness. It is a subtle kind of advertising that people will not simply pass off as another commercial.

• Information booklets for service firms - Service firms can also use their own as information ones. For example, a spa can give out an advertising material that shows people how the spa works and why it benefits the body. A courier company can describe their whole distribution system to prove that it can go as fast as they advertise.

Martial arts clubs can also give people information on who can learn self-defense and the benefits of it in their lives. Providing technical and crucial information like this can really help people understand a business, making them less afraid to try out the services. This is a good advertising strategy to get more people to try them out and our advertising tool of choice are apt for this kind of job.

• Advertising booklets for new products - Of course, they can also be used directly as an advertising tool. It is especially useful for new product releases where most people will need to know how it works. You might have a new invention or an improved version of a gadget for example such as a mobile phone.

A helpful advertising material can accompany the new product's display giving the crucial information and specifications of the product. Since booklets can be a bit longer than a brochure or flier, they can satisfy customers' interests better making it a good and robust advertising tool.

• Instructional booklets with advertising articles - Finally, businesses can also invest on these with advertising articles. For example, a food company that supplies spices can issue out small easy reference cookbooks. Within the recipes, a small advertising article or blurb can be added that promotes the company's own products.

Since it is instructional people will not shy away from free information, and they will undoubtedly try out the recommended instructions and ingredients that are advertised. People will be convinced without even really knowing it was an advertisement. As you can notice, booklets can be an indirect kind of advertising that can well have a big impact if you do it well enough.

Therefore, as you can see, booklets can be as useful for advertising as any other printed advertising material. You just need the right strategies on their deployment.

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